February 22, 2009

Depeche Tre


Depeche Mode
fans, start saving one dollar a day. Sounds Of The Universe is a geek fan's delight. Check out the release details - including a box set with 4 discs. Red Radio has full details of the various versions and also the tour.

The single, Wrong, has finally been heard and, for me, it did not quite live up to the 10 second teaser we heard. I can't really hear a proper chorus on it, though I love Martin's backing vocals at the end. It's best to wait for a high quality version.

Watch a live - and by live I mean mimed - performance of Wrong

The video, however, should be a killer. It's directed by Patrick Daughters, the man responsible for the best Feist videos.

Album out April 20/21 worldwide.


countpopula said...

It's not as lush as Precious, but Wrong is a very catchy song...not in a chorus-y sort of way, but in a Never Let Me Down stream-of-thoughts with the word "wrong" being accented frequently. I LOVE when Dave & Martin start singing the different lines simultaneously. A really muscular song with buzzing synths that will burrow it's way slowly into our consciousness.

Anonymous said...

I am kinda freaking over this track. The best thing the band has done since the "Songs Of Faith And Devotion" era. Such a raw, old school feel to it. I can't wait for the box set either - insane!

Daft Monk said...

After a couple of listens I don't know that I am in love with the track but it seems like a solid enough offering. I'm getting a Music For The Masses vibe so it really leaves me hopeful and excited to hear Sounds.

James Derek Dwyer said...

The last few DM albums I have hated the cover art. This one, however, I like A LOT>....