February 6, 2009

All night cinema superstar

Just Jack 8-minute documentary:

Just Jack's new album is called All Night Cinema and it's out on April 6. Although the evidence of his brilliance exists on his two previous LPs, I did not understand the extent of his musical chops until watching this mini documentary. Fittingly, he says this is more of a "song" album - not so much rap. I was chatting with Poster Girl about how underestimated Jack is and how this , to some degree, works to his benefit. He is full of surprises.

His new album includes (hear samples in the youtube doc)...

253: "Jaunty" pop song with harmonica
The Day I Died: Beckian (eg: folk with beats)
Astronaut: Jamiroquai, but far less champers'n'tits'n'blackeyes
Blood: Like his last two records
Goth In The Disco: Needs to be a single, if there is a God
All Night Cinema: is, well, cinematic

The first single is Embers, which I wrote about a few weeks ago. It's a string-based, almost choral track and a big left turn for Jack. Vincent Frank watch out.

XO's Top Ten Plus One Just Jack Songs

Disco Friends
Eye To Eye

Triple Tone Eyes
No Time
Spectacular Failures
Glory Days
Starz In Their Eyes
Writers Block (Seamus Haji Mix)
Let's Get Really Honest
Starz In Their Eyes (Boss Boss Mix)


zen~ said...

Looking forward to this. I like Just Jack.

BTw; is it jsut me, or does Lily's 'Back To The Start' sound uncannily like a Just Jack track? I even think the chorus/melody line sounds like one of his tracks, but the name escapes me right now...

Pity the Just Jack/Kylie Minogue "duet" 'I Talk Too Much' didn't get a bit of exposure...


xolondon said...

I had not thought about Lily and Just Jack, but I can buy that!

My take on the Kylie thing was that it was very tacked on. And they did it for America where Kylie does not have much impact?

Poster Girl said...

Re: "Embers"--if there is anything I love more in a pop song than strings, I've yet to find it. What a track.

Your reaction was my exact reaction to "Basement." Ditto "Goth In The Disco." He comes off really well in this documentary, too (in addition to the music).

zen~ said...

Yeah, I know Kylie was tacked on the U.S. release, which is very odd indeed. You'd think the UK and Australasian markets would have benefited with her on the release/s there.

Adem With An E said...

"Embers" is still getting a number of plays by the way, and with the bushfires going on around me only hours away from my home, it's a song that's striking quite a nerve now ever moreso than before.

That doco is fab. I listened to the last Just Jack album again as I told you I would and am now a convert.

xolondon said...

Adem, those fires are making news here too. Terrible. I take it one of your loved TV men died? Carry your water bucket!

Good news about Just Jack. You have time to do your research.

Adem With An E said...

Yes, Bryan Naylor, a news anchor for pretty much all of my life, and his wife died in their family home trying to protect their house from the fires. It's the worst bushfires/natural disaster in Australian history; day 4 and there are fires still burning, death toll on its way to 200 and expected to double, maybe even triple. Water bucket on hand. Hopefully the rain today will help!