January 2, 2009

Empire of the Sun: Walking on a Dream

As PopJustice would say: Amazing.

And here is the Preview For All Audiences of their whack new video, We Are The People:

What you need to know:

Empire Of The Sun
is part of the new Australian invasion - they are based in New South Wales. The singer is
Luke Steele from the meh band The Sleepy Jackson. He's in disguise with the bad dye job. I think he inadvertently looks like Jon Heder (you know, Napoleon Dynamite). The other dude, Nick Littlemore (of ubercool Pnau! Here he is looking worse for wear with Pip from Ladyhawke) seems to be channeling Chris Martin after a bender. They're not quite the promising lays that MGMT are... which is probably a good thing.

The Dream video above was shot in Shanghai, along the Bund (been there!) and you can watch it in high def movievision here.Their debut album, also called Walking On A Dream, is smooth electropop - occasionally referencing Prince- with killer Star Wars homage artwork. I like how these new bands have assimilated 80's new wave in such a way that it's no longer pastiche - it sounds fresh.

Miraculously, "EOTS" is on the dreaded EMI label (the kiss of death), but seem to be doing just fine, perhaps because everyone else has been dropped, haha. It's not clear to me when they will launch in the UK or US, but it will happen. They've been covered by PopMuse, but strangely not Adem, so I suspect there's a rock'n'roll tale to be told...

Empire Of The Sun's myspace page


Brad said...

Loved the album...So glad they're getting some attention!

hatzij said...

XO, you need to give the Sleepy Jackson another go! Their 2nd album Personality...is a masterpiece. Very Brian Wilson ish. Luke Steele is a genius.
EOTS are gorgeous electro pop. Here's hoping they are huge worldwide.

El MarvelOso said...

Good stuff. I really did like Sleepy Jackson's 2nd album.

Adem With An E said...

I wanted to write about them a fair few times but, like so many Aussie acts I got into last year, I just didn't get around to it. But they're bloody good though; no rock'n'roll tale to be told here! ;)

Amaury Martin B. said...

J'aime beaucoup !! :D