January 1, 2009

Annie Lennox hates the New Year

Her New Year's video blog - malt whiskey in bed!

In it, she says "What did I do with my year?" Below is what she did. Amazing.

Just 4 days until the new Annie single, Shining Light. Hear Ash's version.


Dan said...

What a powerful video that second one is! It's someone really DOING something with their life. It's easy to say that "well, she's Annie Lennox and doesn't work 9 to 5 so she can do that" but really, I think we can all matter in small ways.

The AIDS epidemic in Africa is devastatingly horrible. I applaud her efforts.

Phil said...

*sigh* I love this woman so much. Thanks for taking the time to post about her because she really deserves it and her causes should be getting all the attention rather than who's flashing what or dating whom or pregnant or in jail.... Happy New Year! x x