January 2, 2009

2009: This Time Next Year...

Sick of lists? Me too. Here endeth them. Which of these artists will have album on my Favorites of '09 lists? Artists in red are new(ish) ones to whom I am paying special attention.


Oleta Adams
Lily Allen It's Not Me, It's You
Marc Almond
Tori Amos
Antigone Antigoneland myspace
Antony and the Johnsons The Crying Light
Arctic Monkeys

BellX1 Blue Lights On The Runway
Sophie Ellis Bextor
Bo Pepper (Alexis Strum's group) myspace
Broken Records
Camera Obscura
The Cardigans
Neko Case The Middle Cyclone
Toni Childs Keep The Faith
Crowded House
Deepest Blue
Depeche Mode
Rose Elinor Dougall (ex Pipette) myspace
Empire Of The Sun myspace
En Vogue (original 4!)
Frankmusik Complete Me
Franz Ferdinand Tonight
John Frusciante The Empyrean
The Gadsdens myspace
Kate Havnevik
Imogen Heap
The Hours
Whitney Houston
Human League
Indigo Girls
Jay Jay Johanson Self Portrait
Jessie Music myspace
Karima Franci The Author myspace
Kings Of Convenience
Lights myspace
Lucky Soul
Maxwell Black
Daniel Merriweather Love & War
Lucas Mire Never Forget The Nights
Morrissey Years Of Refusal
Kate Nash

New Adventures myspace
Paolo Nutini
Nerina Pallot
Pet Shop Boys Yes
The Pipettes (will they pull it together?)
Prefab Sprout
Eddi Reader Love Is The Way
Scissor Sisters
Skint And Demoralised Love And Other Catastrophes myspace
All The Plans
Tracey Thorn
The Time
Trashcan Sinatras In The Music
U2 No Line On The Horizon
Jody Watley Chameleon
West End Girls
The Whip X Marks Destination
White Lies (I am a bit wary of this big $ band) myspace
Patrick Wolf

A few predictions: My Top Albums for 2009 will include Frankmusik, Tracey Thorn and Pet Shop Boys, I wish Depeche Mode too. In my Top Songs, I predict Saint Etienne's Method Of Modern Love, Patrick Wolf's Together and Frankmusik's Vacant Heart (assuming it's on the CD) may make it. If this seems premature, it isn't. By December 1, 2007, I knew what my number one single and album for 2008 would be. Nothing eclipsed those - I hoped something would - and they never wore out.


jt said...

I also believe Fiona Apple is supposed to be out with a new record...but we know how that went last time, so I won't hold my breath.

duanemoody.com said...

Where did you hear about new Cardigans album?!?!?! *freaks out*

countpopula said...

I'm not really sick of lists as long as they are good and well thought out. I have found many new treasures by reading other people's lists this year.

That being said, I don't mind if they are put to bed for a while, myself included.

countpopula said...

By the way, who do you think will put out a record first:

Michael Jackson or Whitney Houston?

Peter Gabriel or Kate Bush?

Maxwell or Sade?

And the hits keep on coming!

xolondon said...

Duane, I will check on The Cardis - not sure where i got there.

Count, to answer your question:

1) Whitney
2) Peter Gabriel
3) Maxwell

The one I would ask is Whitney or Courtney and that is a toss up. I don't think Love is back on drugs because she would have lost her kid after drug testing, but there is clearly some issues happening. She needs to get Edward Norton back to keep her sane - he was her moment of clarity. Meanwhile, let's hope Whitney is not with Bobby.

countpopula said...

Wasn't the Courtney supposed to be out almost 2 years ago? I don't know how many would buy it at this point, what with all the crap she pulled with the Nirvana catalog.

Wasn't the Whitney supposed to be out by Christmas? And this was already delayed several months. She might actually sell some records, but not to anybody who saw the Bobby Brown show. I think it actually cast her in a worse light than him, and she had a lot of work to do to get any sort of credibility back. I think Janet has a better shot, seriously.

Peter Gabriel probably has a few albums worth of material done, but he never seems to really finish, and he's not getting any younger. Kate Bush may actually come out sooner, now that her kid has grown a bit, hopefully leaving more time for her creative side.

I don't know how Maxwell can survive financially with the waiting. I mean, he hasn't sold millions, has he? Sade could surely weather that better, but I don't really get the long waits. Laziness? I will say her material is usually good quality, but people are really starting to forget about her this time. Dido only took 5 years, and you see what's happening there.

Paula Abdul is supposedly on the rebound. God help us.

Hopefully Norton never returns to Love, for his sake.

Another interesting topic!

xolondon said...

Count, there were 8 years between Love Deluxe and Lovers Rock, so we should be due in the next yr or two! She did do a song called Mum for Darfur


The Dido record is shit. My friend who loves Dido threw away the promo I gave her!

countpopula said...

Thanks about the Sade--the song is quite lovely. I can't help but think how beautiful it must sound in HQ. Maybe when her next project arrives...

Ouch about the Dido. I initially thought the album was a complete letdown as well, but then I started playing it in the slow mornings. Now I am getting a bit attached to it. It IS the definition of GROWER (you know, back in the day when you would buy an album because you liked the artist, but didn't care for the project initially, yet grew to love it over time).

The sound is so much softer and intimate than her other albums, which were already pretty soft to begin with. Maybe it is the acoustic nature of the arrangements--I blame Jon Brion, who I love with Fiona Apple. There he brings a controlled chaos, while here he brings an understated simplicity that can quickly register as boredom. Remember how offputting Seal's Human Being CD was when it came out? Safe Trip Home is Dido's Human Being. Definitely more artistic statement than commercial proposition. Listen to "It Comes and It Goes" and "Grafton Street" in private while NOT driving--they come closer to intimate moments from a Tanita Tikaram or Everything But the Girl's Amplified Heart than you might realize.

It's obvious she is trying to break from the multi-platinum commercialism, so I think it is the fact that she is Dido, so there is excess baggage and expectation attached from the get-go.