November 22, 2008

XOvision: The landing gear are down

The year is winding up and there are few chances left to wow us. What does it say that two of the videos below relate to last year's releases? It shows how unenthusiastic I am about 2008...

Roisin Murphy on Tour

View a Roisin show in 9 minutes. Her clothing on this tour is beyond. The two-tone pants rock my cock. chill, it's just a phrase

Keane Perfect Symmetry

One of the better songs on their new album, which I'd rate as middling. It's not bad, but it doesn't leap like it should. Not sure if this is an actual single. I'd like to see them put more effort into their videos, which does not mean they have to spend more money.

Solange Knowles T.O.N.Y.

While every Tom, Dick and dick have their heads turned toward Sasha Fierce, Li'l Sis has released a clip for a song better than anything Bouncey put out last week. If you've not heard this tune, please play the video just once. It manages to recall the best girl groups, but still sound totally in the now.

Will Young Grace

How to do it right. I don't love this song, but Dermot mentions the "master class" and that is what this is.

Darren Hayes This Delicate Film We've Made (trailer)

Darren is releasing a collection of 13 videos from his last CD. I like how he makes these trailers look like previews for blockbuster films. A slightly obtuse comment to Darren directly: Really?


Cook In / Dine Out said...

Perfect Symmetry is currently slated for Dec. 29 release. I agree their latest album isn't as good as it should be. Thanks for posting to video. I read an interview where Tim R-O claims this is the best song he's ever written. I think he needs to listen to his old albums again. Good, but certainly not their best.

Dan said...

I'm trying to decide if I want to buy This Delicate Film... It could be one of those things that I buy, watch once and then never watch again. But it does look very impressive!

I agree - music has not been as good this year. I am having a hard time getting 80 minutes for my year-end song post.

countpopula said...

The first half of the year seemed to have a decent amount of good things, and then half of the stuff slated for the second half of 08 got pushed to 09. Is this a reaction to a sluggish economy? Someone even commented the other day how it seems there are more reissues coming out than new albums. That being said...

I really like the Grace Jones album. It's rather short for the long wait, yes, but her albums were never really lengthy anyway, and I'd rather have 9 good songs than 9 good and 3 dire. Other records I have enjoyed are Ladyhawke, Kaiser Chiefs, Girls Aloud & Sugababes. On a non-pop tip, I'm not sure why more people aren't talking about Sigur Ros this year. That was (for me) their best album since their first. They finally discovered drum beats and jangly melodies, placed alongside epic anthems featuring the London Symphony and members of the choir that sang on Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter soundtracks. Maybe the nudie video didn't help in the promotion department.

I was just thinking about some new music already promised for 09: Lily Allen, Franz Ferdinand, Morrissey, Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys, Imogen Heap, Patrick Wolf, Marc Almond, Tracey Thorn, and Bird & the Bee for a start. Could be a much better year! (And where is that Annie record?!)

xolondon said...

Re Keane, isn't it funny when an artist says "This is my best work" and the audience scratched their heads?

I know what you mean about music DVDs, Dan. At least the DH release has a lot of new stuff. I just wish he'd do remixes for Conversation With God.

xolondon said...

Count! We posted comments at the same moment. Regarding reissues - I have big post on this ready for Monday morning.

Sigur had a naked video? Cool!

I don't like the new Franz track too much. :(

countpopula said...

I have not heard the Franz song yet, so I cannot comment. has the video in quicktime for "higher resolution". NSFW! :)

DanProject76 said...

Hmmm... I have loved lots of stuff this year, but my chart is more songs-based than albums.

Oddly, 2 of those videos are in my chart, and the Keane album was one of my favourites of the year... now I just have to blog my lists!

countpopula said...

Finally I have been converted! I bought the Solange CD today, and it was only $8! (along with the new Kanye West--am I turning into an R&B lover, or are they beginning to branch out?) I think it definitely tops her older sister's recent effort. I was diggin' Sandcastle Disco and I Decided, but your TONY video put me over the edge. Love the Cee-lo cameo! Thanks for the exposure XO!

Jams said...

Off to see Roisin tonight at the Brixton Academy. Looking forward to the music and the threads.