November 26, 2008

Tori Amos, 16 years on

New Tori pic by Teri Pengilly

Lest you think Tori Amos's departure from Epic Records will hasten a rethink on her increasingly convoluted album themes, think again. In an October interview with The Independent, Tori reveals that each song on her 10th album will be tied to a short film (I guess this means videos?). At the moment, she is self-financed, so that's a lot to pull off. We'll see. Note that she has a duet with David Byrne coming out next year and she's working on a musical in London.

You can read what else I've said about Tori here.


D'luv said...

That's one crazy pussy.

babs said...

oh, fuck, it has been 16 years.

Was her concert at MWC 1992 or 1993? Were you still there? I know when you graduated and I thought the concert was 1993.

I still have my cassette version of Little Earthquakes copied off of Ellen's version, I think.

John said...

Ah, Tori. How I love you. "The Beekeeper" is actually one of my favorites, although "Scarlet's Walk" and "Little Earthquakes" are my two favorites for very different reasons. It's really exciting for me to see artists like Tori, and even Janet, who are now without label support, to see what direction they're going to go. I have a feeling that Tori's path will be MUCH more interesting than Janet's, as evidenced by the "short film" concept.

Joseph said...

That is a terrible, terrible photo of Tori! I would have had no idea it was her if I wasn't told. Seriously.

I don't have high hopes for the new album as I think she's been on a slide since To Venus And Back (probably before that actually) but there were actually a couple good songs on the last one so who knows?

What I do know is that her lofty ideas get her into trouble (it's not good just because it's interesting or has a good concept) and she needs an editor who will tell her no. A new photographer would help too.