November 25, 2008

Shake your ass they notice fast

Note to self: When doing a nude photo to promote my debut single, always be sure my underwear is not showing. Kills the effect.

That's Sam Taylor by the way.


The Shoreditch Vampire. said...

Who's he? He's hot!!! Well if was good enough for Madonna..!Nice pic. How do i find out more? what's his single?Anyone know?

annapopprincess said...

i love his music,he is the guy mentioned below thats managed by william baker.
i like the picture thinks its cool and sexy, it was probably just a topless pic no? im sure with all the amazing kylie pictures william baker has took before surely its ment to be like that.
cant wait to hear more music from this one. any ideas when?

Unknown said...

this guy has the thing you can't fake or forge. you either got it or you don't...


he's got it.

and he's wicked hot.

go sam

Adem With An E said...

Stunning music, amazing to look at. Yes yes yes. Please Sir; I want some more.

popqueenbee said...

i bought Beautiful People soundtrack for Kylie and Dannii track and discovered 2 beautiful tracks by some unknown called Sam Taylor - have googled him and found this site -
I'm liking the way he looks - he looks hot!!!!
I'm looking forward to more music by Sam Taylor - does anybody know where i can find it???