November 2, 2008

(Post) Pip Music


When I saw The Pipettes 2 summers ago, I'd expected
Gwenno to be the most enigmatic and starry member, but it was actually Rosay, or Rose Elinor Dougall. She had a strong, unique voice - almost folky - and true presence onstage.

On December 8, Rose releases a very ambient new 60's influenced single called Another Version Of Pop Song (via Rough Trade*). This song is a grower,more indie than pop, but it proves to be lovely and shows how much of The Pipettes was actually Rose.
An album is set to follow in summer 2009. Last July, Rose talked to Pitchfork about her split with the band and her solo music.

Will she go head to head next summer with her former group? Gwenno also talked last week with Pitchfork about The Pipettes evolution. We Are The Pipettes was a near-perfect piece of music on every level, so it's a big task. They are currently flogging a remix CD called The Shoe That Fits , but I am unclear as to what is acually on it - or who? Whatever, they need to avoid pastiche and evolve. First steps: The polka dots and cartoony shit need to go.

*Note that Rose's single is on 7" only, so I am linking to The Yellow Stereo, who have it.


D'luv said...

Awww...when I first "met" you and Paul online (almost three years ago now, in the new year!!!) you were both wild about the Pipettes!

Sniff! My little boys are all grown up!

Michael said...

Awesome, I've been hoping she'd have some solo material. Lovely song.

The Pipettes were so great - I almost wish Gwenno had just gone solo rather than coming back with a new line-up. Hopefully when I actually hear some of the new stuff, I'll be more enthusiastic.

DanProject76 said...

Nice new song. Fingers crossed for more greatness from Pipettes 2.0