November 4, 2008

Pop The Vote

Finally, it's election day in America. I voted early this year (on Saturday) and it's no secret who I supported. Today I'm putting out my own ballot about recent pop albums. If you have a write-in candidate, put that in my comments field!


John said...

Good stuff on all of those records, but for most cohesive, solid collection, it's Will Young for the win.

Doron said...

I have surprised myself by voting for Sugababes. I love most of the albums you have listed.


Aaron said...

It would have to be Girls Aloud.

As a few write-in candidates I have Agnes - Dance! Love! Pop! & Soraya - Sin Miedo - both very good! (and where's the Saturdays?)

stephen said...

I'd definitely vote for Ladyhawke although I love love Loving Kind. Does Aimee Mann and Jamie Lidell count as pop? I'd vote Mann's Looking For Nothing as my song of the year. Is it too early to vote for that?

will said...

i'm sorry, but i am going to go to every computer i find and log a vote for Girls Aloud. so deserving! i would like to know who in their right mind is voting for Ladyhawke?!