November 8, 2008

Not afraid to tell me

Keep an ear/eye cocked for the Poetica Remix of Madonna's Miles Away, the most classically "Madonna" song on Hard Candy. Poetica is the best of the mixes I've heard, but I'm pretty sure it's a fan creation. Of the legit mixes, Stuart Price's is sadly meh , but the Johnny Vicious Club Mix is solid. None of them really lift the song to a new place.


Michael said...

I'm looking forward to the Morgan Page and Kaskade remixes.

Kaskade even made LeeAnn Rimes sound good recently.

ww_adh said...

If "Miles Away" tops the Billboard Dance-Club Play chart, it will be her 40th single to do so. Pretty amazing feat.

Dan said...

I agree, the ones I have heard have been kind of "take it or leave it" but I have been that way with her remixes for quite a while now. I will say that your assessment of the Johnny Vicious Club Mix is spot on, but even that mostly just messes around with the song rather than actually reworking it.