November 12, 2008

Mixtape: So I be written in the Book Of Love.

La Bex avec Le Bebe. She's popping out a kid in April. Her new commercial features her next single, the monotonous sounding Sophia Loren, in the background. Supposedly an album is due at the height of summer.

Blogger zapped me. They decided to delete my Ladyhawke Elect post even thought it did not have actual full MP3's. I linked to Juno's 60-second samples of her songs. I'd switch to Wordpress, but I tried using it for work and did not like it . At all.

Meanwhile, there are so many new pop blogs I am getting worn out by the concept. The good thing: bloggers are actually writing reviews, etc. Reading them makes me wonder what I have to contribute - I like to read other reviews, but it kind of zaps my enthusiasm. It takes so much time to blog. Absorbing various media and music, quickly analyzing it and then trying to write something thoughtful and original. That's not easy, especially if you have a lot going on in your life.

In the new Instinct Magazine I am a bit mean to Christina Aguilera. I think I call her a "horny USO girl," but her new recordings of Genie and Beautiful are the best things she's done in years. She plays it cool: no wailing, just "sleek modernity" as they say.

The new Razorlight album is a career ending piece of crap. I cannot believe it's the same band that recorded America.

Seriously, HBO is developing a series based on the life of Anthony Kiedis of RHCP. Good gravy Marie.

The Dido phenomenon. Huh? Some of her lyrics are good, but her arrangements are so makeshift. Plus, I believe I could talk/sing the album just as well. I do like a new track called It Come and Goes, though the title of that song is exactly what annoys be about her: she's so non-committal.

"When you have a penis like that, you're never broke." John Hughes at PopDose is always worth your time, but his recent Phags on 45 post is a gem. John's in the pageboy. I love the discussion about Warren Cuccurullo's penis (see quote above and do NOT click here at work!) and the moment when his friend does the "Do you hear me!?" bit, which you must be about 40 to understand.

Lucas Mire has finished his new album. I think it launches with an appearnce on Good Morning America right? Robin will love him and Sam The Gay Weatherman will jump him.

I wonder which unreleased albums will be shelved? Annie? Keri Hilson? Starsailor? Don't doubt it - the economy is in the dumper and labels will not be taking chances. In America, retails sales are absolutely tanking and the economic outlook is worse for 2009! Maybe it had to happen, I don't know, but it seems to be creating a seachange in American consumerism which is probably not a bad thing. We need a push away from living on credit.

I adore Noel Fielding of The Mighty Boosh. Here he talks about wearing Courtney Love's hand-me-downs.

Fans of the Smiths should listen to Northern Portrait from Norway. It's uber-Smithsian, but isn't it good, Norwegian wood?

Over 30's: Tracy Chapman just released a new record Our Bright Future that sounds like it was recorded in 1988! Yes, it has been 20 years since her debut. Bless her, she's another one who could use a spike in her tea. Thinking Of You is her best song.

Finally, please gaze into my crystal ball(s): The new Missspears album will have a song I actually like and it will be called Unusual You.

Did you see the episode of Ugly Betty that ended so beautifully with Betty and Wilhemina on the rooftop watching dawn in Manhattan. They made great use of Sebastien Tellier's song Look. A great driving song, it will make you feel chic muttering along in French. Cliquer ici or whatever.

I don't understand what is going on in California, but I should correct Darren Hayes that Prop 8 does not affect the American Constitution. It's a California vote, in state where gay marriage should be commonplace! Thanks to PopMuse for leading me to this joke-free Keith Olbermann commentary. Do take six minutes to watch it at the link or below. An attack on gay marriage is an attack on love and an attack on families.

Keith Olbermann:

photo via Santa Barbara Independent


D'luv said...

Funny, I often feel you're one of the few who have the most thoughtful things to say.

John said...

I must concur. You appear to subscribe to the "quality, not quantity" theory. Keep up the great work!

John said...

OMG! Someone is actually watching Phagz on 45!

Thanks so much for the shout out!

Paul said...

I concur with the D'Luv. You are the glossy rich-filled text coffee table book of blogs that deserves to be thumbed through time and time again. I love your reviews and opinions because you actually have opinions. You don't just say "oh this song is great, you'll love it" and the reader is sat there wondering "why will i love it?".

PS i think i may be obsessed with the Ellis Bextors :) And oddly enough thanks to the UK wii commercials, the Redknapps too.

DanProject76 said...

Yours is my favourite music blog. The other people (you know who you are) are all very good runners up though!

Annie's album has been pushed back again to April, allegedly!

I bought Ladyhawke's CD today, you have a lot of power and influence!

Agree with Paul about the Redknapps. they are both sexy beasts and nice with it.

babs said...

I love the Do you hear me bit, which I admit I checked to see if I got the reference.

Was cracking up about the Chauffeur bit since having seen it that's so true. So catchy.

Adem With An E said...

The blogging world is a much better place because of your contributions.

Like Paul and everyone above me have mentioned, your blog is one I 'thumb' through every day, and even if I don't comment on every post, everything is read from top to toe, and it's in a collection of 8 particular websites I open the second I wake up.

If Annie's album has been pushed back to April, I don't see it coming out at all. Sad.

xolondon said...

It certainly was not my intention to goad praise, but I appreciate it because all of you are the people who take time to comment - which is the whole point of a blog, isn't it?

countpopula said...

See here, you absolutely cannot stop doing this. You are far too talented and entertaining a writer to stop, and your insights into music are always engaging, especially because you don't purely pander to any particular singer or genre. I know you weren't searching for praise, but it is well deserved, as this is the first and sometimes only blog I read on a regular basis. Wish I had your motivation.

Did you see Xtina may be working with Ladytron, Sia, and Goldfrapp on her next album? Seems like only the latter has yet to truly be confirmed--maybe wishful thinking on her part?

I agree Dido can be a bit bland, but she was a right nice gal when we met on the eve of her global superstardom. A real cool chick you'd like to hang out & have some drinks with.

Tracy Chapman--snore. Have you heard the new Seal? How can you go from working with Stuart Price to David Foster on a soul covers album? It's like he morphed into Rod Stewart in less than a year! Watch this be his biggest selling album in a while, though. He handles the vocals OK, I just expect more from him as an artist, but I guess falling sales and a supermodel brood to feed...

New Britney tracks sound as good as anything from Blackout, a guilty pleasure. Shame about Annie and Keri Hilson though. You'd think if the Pussycat Dolls can release a record (oh wait--that lead singer's record never came out either...)

I know you haven't mentioned it much, but I am really diggin the new Girls Aloud CD (expensive again on import--around $30!), but I am actually pleasantly surprised with Sugababes (at a much friendlier $18). A definite growth since last year's Change, and the tracks may not be electro, but they are pretty damn catchy. I really feel Amelle is coming into her own as a vocalist on this one. Hopefully the Grace Jones CD will be in my hands tomorrow!

Enough of the crazy talk XO! :)

xolondon said...

No, no I never meant to imply I was stopping!

My issue with Seal is that those songs have been flogged by so many artists and none of them are faves. Leela James' Change Is Gonna Come is FAR more moving for the Age d'Obama.

Oui monsieur, Amelle is here to stay...

Anonymous said...

I think you've taken what Darren Hayes said too literally about the constitution. :) said...

Northern Portrait sounds exactly like Trash Can Sinatras, and that's good thing