November 10, 2008

Looking for the man that can

Craig David Walking Away

Anybody who knows me well knows that I emerged from the birth canal with a furrowed brow. As I've aged, my worst characteristic has calcified: worry. Sometimes I have a burst of
shine it on, but most of the time I'm quietly (or not) fretting about something. I don't think it dominates my personality, but let's just say "concerns" keep sleep from being my friend. All of that is a roundabout lead in for this epic Craig David song. I feel like Craigy went off the rails trying to prove he's a red blooded man. When he was younger, his calling card was sincere vulnerability slipped in between some very fast vocals, often laid over acoustic geeeetar and beats. At the point this single was released (2001), he could have had it all. Even Bono said he loved Walking Away.

The whole Born To Do It album is stellar. If this record predates you a bit, also look for Fill Me In, Booty Man (the title is a ruse - it's sweet! Hear below), and 7 Days. His forthcoming 15-track Best Of really does have most of the great songs. None of his CDs have been worth it since Born...

Craig David
Booty Man

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Craig's new single is Insomnia. ChrisBrown it much? It's a total ripoff of Forever and Disturbia!


John said...

I think we've talked about this in passing, but I don't mind the CB similarities, if for no other reason than it actually WORKS for Craig. I doubt he'll ever achieve the impact that "Born to Do It" made again, though. Fingers crossed, though. It's not necessarily a bad idea to take the greatest hits CD and release it in the US without the "Greatest Hits" moniker and see if "Insomnia" can fly. Has anyone heard if they are actually going to pursue the U.S. with this one?

Robpop said...

Awaits the Monrose special version for the German-speaking countries.

(Also the Italian version featuring Nek and the Spanish version featuring Alex Ubago)

Craig David gets globalized..or is it "glocalized"?

(shame they didnt do it in German) said...

I haven't really been interested in anything since Born To Do It either. Sad really.

will said...

it really irks me when i read others write that "insomnia" is craig's big comeback when technically he has been ever-present pretty much everywhere else sans North America. it's great that you've drawn attention to him as he is v. deserving and even with a chris brown/rihanna knockoff his material is far more interesting than much of the stuff present in the Billboard Hot 100 right now.

two words for you XO, SEAL - SOUL. sooo good.



Michael said...

I was disappointed that Six Of One Thing did so poorly on the British charts. I thought it was a great song.

I didn't care much for the other singles off the album though.