November 27, 2008

Lily: A weapon of massive consumption

Lily Allen is a naughty girl who should be spanked. In fact, she almost named her new album Stuck On The Naughty Step. Instead she called it It's Not Me, It's You and it's coming out in February. The starmaker machinery is gearing up now. The first single is called the The Fear, but it actually leaked last summer as I Don't Know. It's a wicked tune about celebrity culture, which Lily knows something about. Like I said, naughty girl.

Four songs leaked from the album in demo form via her myspazz: The Fear, Fuck You (aka Guess Who Batman), Who'd Of Known (sic) and I Could Say, which is gorgeous and unlike anything she's done before.It appears that she has taken this album seriously, recording the whole thing in Hell-Lay with Greg Kurstin, who I get the impression is sort of!... but with musical talent.

For a full writeup of the new album, read PopJustice now.

Let it be known now, I love Lily. Fucking. Love. Her. I just turn my head when she misbehaves.


Dan said...

I am especially appreciative of the Joni reference in this post! Who would have though thtat Joni and Lily Allen could be mentioned in the same blog post?

xolondon said...

Good catch Danny boy. Which is why you get an "A" in Pop Music History.