November 13, 2008

It happens again aging boyband borrows an artist's recent hit and tries to whip up some needed cash. Be ye not fooled, good people! Tom Baxter's Better is far....bettuh than this cover by Boyzone.

Tom Baxter Better:

Boyzone Better:

Wow. They've even lifted Tom's video concept and made it cheesier. At least Tom used real people (come now, Ronan is not a real person is he?). Boyzone did have the good taste to do this song versus the usual crap Richard Marx / Phil Collins tunes that groups of this ilk this often cover.

There's been some hoohah on Popjustice Forums about Stephen Gately singing to a male in the clip - one person implied it was a publicity stunt. I don't care that the press is writing about this as if it's news. The fact that it's hard to figure out how many music videos feature gay couples confirms that there need to be more images like this.

I hope Tom Baxter rakes in the dough with this association. He deserves it. The album that Better comes from, 2007's Skybound, is sublime. It reminds me a bit of Sting's Nothing Like The Sun, with arrangements that stretch out and often take twists into flamenco, jazz, etc. Songs I recommend include Night Like This, Skybound, The Last Shot and Tell Her Today.

6 comments: said...

Okay, I am MAJORLY kicking myself right now. I downloaded that Tom Baxter album ages ago, and never got into it. THAT SONG IS BRILLIANT AND WILL BE IN MY 5 SONG FRIDAY TOMORROW. Okay, I may have gotten a bit excited, but Jesus... amazing! Thanks!!!!!!

John said...

Yet another wonderful discovery via your blog. Thank you so much.

Paul said...

oh my days. I never made the connection that this was the tom baxter tune! (Because i never listened or watched the boyzone cover before now). Gorgeous song however, and i'm all for a bit of man'o'man smoochiness in videos :) As long as Clay Aiken doesn't follow suit...

Demetrius said...

Kisses and thanks - very nice artist + song.

Will peep the album soon.

So appreciate your blogging!


Michael said...

The Boyzone version is lovely (yay, Stephen!), but you're right, the original is beyond gorgeous. Nice video too.

DanProject76 said...

Luckily the Boyzone video link is down. I loved that Tom Baxter gons and thinking of Ronan doing that weird voice/horrble hair thing all over it makes me annoyed.

They even stole the video? Cheeky feckers!

Why is Gately less receding that before? Has he been to the Will Young Hair CLub?