November 8, 2008

And the world comes alive

I still adore the new Take That song, The Greatest Day. Although I agree with numerous assessments that the song is one long fade-out (or perhaps a "credits-roller"), there is something in the chords that makes me all "goosey."

The boys just did an 8-minute promo piece for The Times. They talk about how The Circus is the first album they've properly recorded as a group, writing in the studio. I love listening to them talk because Mark and Gary, in particular, sound like they've got cotton in their mouths. (Is that a Mancunian thing?) They really big-up the album in these interviews. Gary even says he'll be seriously "wounded" if people don't like it.

Part 1:

Part 2:

I do find the jiggly video for the song a bit embarrassing, so instead here is a live version from the EMA's. You'll notice this song is made for live trouble, with Gary having to it all those high notes. It also amuses me how much Little Mark Owen gets into it when all he really has to do is sing "Hold on, hold on" over and over again...

I suspect Chartrigger and FizzyPop will be two of the main blogs for all things Take That, especially as we approach December 1, album release day.


Paul said...

Oh absolutely :) Although i remain disappointed that i will actually be in Florida the week the single and album are released (actually same release dates as Same Diff's single and album so my penis may remain safe for a fortnight at least.) :P Here's to some leaks! (not from the penis you understand!) Oh and TT are on the front of the Observer Music Monthly and looking mighty fine with it.

xolondon said...

Paul is worried that he seems penis obsessed above. But he only mentions peen once and he has at least 4 chances to say that word if you tie it - so to speak - to Take That.

ww_adh said...

This interview seems awfully serious. I mean, we are talking about a re-formed boy, er, manband that once frolicked naked on the beach for a music video. That said, of course I like "Greatest Day" and will probably get the album.

Yuяi said...

Please tell me no animals were harmed in the making of that album cover! Looks to me like a hundred chickens exploded to get that shot! :P