October 13, 2008

A big grand dame

Boy George releases his new single, Yes We Can, on Oct 12/13, via iTunes worldwide. Watch the video now. In August, George spoke with Q Magazine and rolled out a series of bons mots that I've (thoughtfully) pulled for you here:

On his encounter with Muhammad Ali in the 80's: He goes, 'You a boy? You a very pretty boy.'

On other 80's bands: Duran and Spandau were like groups of men on a stag night wearing their mother's curtains.

On religious nuts: I can deal with those Christians. They are fat, miserable cunts with nothing going for them.

On smoking in front of Brooke Shields: She said, 'You shouldn't smoke. It's bad for you.' I answered, 'I get fucked up the arse every night, too, and that's never done my any harm.'

On showing John Taylor gay porn: John Taylor's not giving me much attention. How can I unnerve him? I know, a video of a man eating a fat cock.

On Amy Winehouse: She doesn't think she's living out a disaster. She thinks it's fine.

On Hare Krishna: Krishna was blue, which I liked. So it was pretty shallow to start with. Now I'm a Hindu Buddhist Catholic nun who has sex five times a night. I believe it all.

On the name of his own dance label, More Protein:
I was living off a diet of tofu and sperm.

On his career from the vantage point of today: I love music and belatedly I realize how lucky I am to do what I do.


You should also read the lengthy new interviews with George in The Times and The Independent.
Also check out the videos at his new website. Among the surprises is a Culture Club performance of Love Is Love/War Song in which he sports a beard and also a live performance with Dolly Parton.


Paul said...

how great was that interview in Q Magazine? I felt rather cultured reading it on an austrian hillside. His tv show over here following his (poorly) selling tour is quite the fascination.

Phil said...

It might be poorly selling Portsmouth, but you can't get a ticket for love nor money in the more cosmopolitan cities. Bloody London is up to £70 a ticket even on Seatwave. Boo!!!!

I persevered with the coke-fuelled ragga gigs at Bush Hall and Koko too!