October 18, 2008

We could really have it all

Sure as there is a moon in the sky, I will post on Roisin Murphy. I'm more than a little wrecked that I won't be able to attend her performance in Manhattan on Friday night, so if any of you go, please report how it is! Other notes: Movie Star remixes are on iTunes US now. The only one that sounds worthy - the 10 minute Kid Gloves Mix - is not available as a single track download (fuckers!). There is another slick one called The Sam and Di Angelis She Is Beautiful Mix floating around. Roisin's chat with OMG is also up now. She says she isn't even sure what her status is with EMI (fuckers!).

Thanks Hopeless Optimist!


countpopula said...

These shots are absolutely A-MA-ZING! She is fast becoming a fashion icon for the new gen, fo sho (ro). I too am gutted about missing the NYC show. Wish she could skip a few blocks down the pike and play to those of us within spitting distance.

On the EMI tip, they are not doing well, yet it is funny how they refuse to promote artists in the US that have a shot at success. They did it with Robbie, and let the ball drop on Kylie too, among countless others who left EMI only to have big hits at other labels. I know my local indie store sold at least 15 imports of her CD without benefit of ANY US promotion, which is pretty decent in these times. EMI is unfortunately reaping what they have sown. Still, Roisin should be somewhat chuffed, as Overpowered was better received commercially than Ruby Blue (even with all that Dancing With the Stars promotion).

Brionity said...

Hey Gorge! We talked earlier this year. I will of course be there on Friday. She will be on my show this week. Ro has been a friend for over a decade.

If you want to tune in it's www.eastvillageradio.com Future Music with DJ Brion Vytlacil on Saturday morning. The show will be up for a week, you can subscribe or stream.

I know this seems like a plug and of course it is. But it will also be Roisin in person.

Oh! We also talked about Vanessa Daou! I did a full two hours with her! Listen to Archive 1 on my show page. The new album is stunning.

Ru said...

Stephen: The show was absolutley amazing. Not only did I manage to get up front and get some great shots but I met Roisin afterwards. She has a terrific personality (was a little frazzled because someone stole her sunglasses.) Here's a link to my pics: http://picasaweb.google.com/home?tab=mq

Enjoy! - Ru

Ru said...

Sorry! Wrong link :)


xolondon said...

Thanks Ru - those pics are great! Looks like she was nice to you? I have heard from other bloggers that she's very warm.

Ru said...

Yes she was absolutely nice. She even offered to sign a poster for me and had the manager find a poster while we spoke. Just simple pleasantries, she enjoyed my name :) I told her it was a great show one of the best I've seen all year (and better than Madonna) and she laughed at that.