October 30, 2008

Sara Bareilles v. 2008

I've just discovered a new Sara Bareilles track called Winter Song that she's done for a Christmas album. It's a duet with Ingrid Michaelson and it's truly beautiful - the kind of song that doesn't leap out at first, but soon overtakes you. I was just thinking how, if Sarah had been on American Idol, she might have won, and they would have destroyed her in the studio. Instead she made her album on her terms and was lucky to build a slow, steady fanbase. And it comes down to sheer talent.

I didn't know until today that Sara just released a live DVD / CD called Between The Lines: Live At The Fillmore. A bit unnecessary at this point, with just one album out, but whatever. Her website says it was filmed in summer 2007, but I doubt that is correct, as she was just being launched then and would not have been headlining the Fillmore. The show is presented along with behind-the-scenes footage from what may or not be Sausalito. Anyone* know?

I've written a lot about Sara, including this review of her debut album, Little Voice. I recommend, in particular, the Fillmore version of

Sara Bareilles /Ingrid Michaelson Winter Song trailer:

Sara Bareilles Live At The Fillmore trailer:

*Ron Woloshun where the hell are you!? Why-oh-why am I blogging without you?


John said...

"Winter Song" is an instant classic. And I'm really wishing I had just bought the CD than seen the Sara show I saw, with the horrible sound mix. The live CD will be mine this week.

duanemoody.com said...

I am loving the live CD... I wrote a "review" for my site. You know how much I love Sara! As for Winter Song, I downloaded it a while ago, and LOVE it. I have been waiting for it to get closer to Christmas, but it WILL be on a five song Friday in the future.

DanProject76 said...

Hurrah for a new good Christmas song!

That album has also got one of K T Tunstall's Christmas tunes from the collection she did last year.

Paul said...

I'm having to sit on my hands to stop blogging about new Christmas songs because once i start... :P Anyway, this one is gorgeous, and I listened to the live CD this morning and am appreciating her voice much more than I did when i gave up on the album.

D'luv said...

Wow, what a beautiful song! Going to buy now!

And did you see your girlfriend Katy Perry is also on that Xmas album?

Am I wrong in thinking you reviewed Ingrid Michaelson's album for Instinct earlier this year (rather unfavorably)? Is she the one who did the cover version of some song and became popular on YouTube/MySpace...?

Anyway, good stuff!

xolondon said...

Not Ingrid - that was some boring chick!

D'luv said...

Just remembered that the cover was "Umbrella," and so I looked the broad up -- Marie Digby.

will said...

omg. i almost forgot about sara... what is sony doing?!? she is so deserving of more push! love love love her.

i hope this means a possible rerelease of "little voice" in time for the xmas rush with this as a bonus track and maybe some more goodies?

hmm. that's an idea.