October 27, 2008

Mixtape: Will I burst into flames?

It's Halloweenie, but this weekend I ate much of the candy we had. Oops. And yesterday I almost got kicked out of the Cosmos Club, an old-school member's club in DC. I was there to pick up a Chinese colleague and I had on jeans and tennis shoes. The doorman let me in (it's a swank mansion) and then stared disapprovingly at me for about 3 minutes with looks that said, "This young man is here to rob us of our cuff links." Finally, he comes over, leans down and whispers, "We have a strict dress policy here and you need to wait outside." I was like, "Really? Outside? I am picking up a guest here in a matter of moments." Maybe they need a holding area for cattle like myself? Fortunately, my friend arrived just in time and we left to go sightseeing. May I also add that everyone in the place was well over 65? These people do not relax. What if I had been picking up some millionaire member - I wasn't - who said, "Stop treating my friend like a vagrant!"? Whatever, Obama is going to win and the middle class is gonna rise back up.

I defended Leon Jackson on PopJustice this week. Leon is a product of a reality show, so if you liked him for his crooner style, then the album is not really a failure. One of the problems with reality show stars is that they build their success on TV doing covers and then release albums that are nothing like their TV personas (see Fantasia or the big guy who beat Clay). I mean, can you imagine Leon doing Timberlake white soul? blech. He knows what his talent is. Which is being Leon Buble!

Bjork's new song Nattura sucks. Really badly. Such a non-event. I know there are people who still like her music, but I am not one of them.

Is it just me or does using Firefox interact badly with Blogger's dashboard/posting?

Which reminds me, there was a surprising amount of love for the new Oasis CD on one of my recent posts. Hell's bells!

I am getting the distinct impression from early leaks that the Nov. 19 Coldplay EP pretentiously titled Prospekt's March, will serve to make Viva La Vida better. For instance, the Osaka Sun Mix of Lovers In Japan lops off the slow ending. The EP also includes the actual proper song (with lyrics) for Life In Technicolor, but sadly does not have their Kylie collaboration.

I love Chartrigger's post on Take That. I was on Xanax when I commented and kept making typos. Pardon moi.

The Sound of The Smiths collection is coming out November 10. I am "well chuffed"as they say. But I am sad to hear that Marianne Faithfull's new cover of Dear God Please Help Me is utter shit. I've loved Marianne for years, but it seems that she's shot her voice. I could not even get through the whole song.

Starsailor, for anyone who cares, escaped from EMI and are now on Virgin. Their album All The Plans is out in March, with a single called Tell Me It's Not Over due in February. Watch a live acoustic version of a new song here. I once met James and he was a bit of a twat. :)

Bon voyage to "Yuri" and DanUS who are headed to see Madonna in Chicago... Give her a slap on the rump for me.

I have warned Paul that listening to too much Same Difference will make his penis fall right off. They literally have a portion of their site dedicated to "grownups."
This will only mean something to crazy Stevie Nicks fans: Stevie and Jimmy Iovine photographer together a few weeks back. They look great!

And for Eddi Reader fans: Love Is The Way, a new album via Rough Trade in early March. Hear a bit of one new track, New York City, on her myspazz.

In a restaurant today, I heard a
Spandau Ballet song I did not know! Round And Round. Seriously, I have never heard that song. I was disappointed in myself, but at least I recognized it was them.

Robbie Daw
, congratulations on your work with The Daily Beast. I am not sure if Mr. Chartrigger will say it, but he is now in the writing company of Bill Clinton, Mo Rocca and Harvey Weinstein. A major achievement.

I am obsessed with the long clip of Girls Aloud's new song The Loving Kind. This is the Neil Tennant collaboration and it sounds majestic. When I finally hear the full version, I may have a Gay Moment and burst into flames. Or tears. UPDATE: I heard it and had to be hosed down.

Speaking of the loving kind, congratulations to PopMuse on his wedding. FUCK Sarah Palin and Cali Prop 8. Viva love.

This is good, yes? Their hair reminds me of ice cream cones...
Alphabeat What Is Happening:

Picture of Linda Evangelista by Steven Klein via Design Scene


Paul said...

if you did nothing but mixtapes i would be a happy happy man. they are always amazing. I think i have blogenvy. And obviously i fancy you more and more with each mixtape :)

Leon - you raise some good points. The album plays to his strengths and Creative is a tour de force. He has bad press i feel which is never good. I strangely like the little ragamuffin.

Chartrigger is my new source for all things Take That. I adore the new single, and also Gary's work on Britannia High. I am desperate for a new album! And yes kudos to Mr Daw on his Daily Beast work. That man is a machine! Of amazingosity!!

Thank you for worrying about my penis. Yes same difference are an acquired taste. i am still holding onto the only adult interview response sean ever gave which is "i once had sex in a toilet in gran canaria" which is possibly the gayest place you can ever have sex! EEK!

Finally The Loving Kind. I nearly died and went to heaven.

John said...

Of everything you mentioned (and I'm impressed with your quality AND quantity), it's the Spandau Ballet comment that sticks with me. I was walking through a mall a couple of weeks ago, and I heard a remix of "Gold" that I'd never heard before, coming from (gasp!) Abercrombie and Fitch. The world is off its bearings, I think.

Amen on Leon. As a fan of music talent shows, I couldn't agree more with your assessment. This is the guy you picked, and he's just doing what he did through all those weeks you voted for him. Just buy the record and listen to it out in the garage, away from the rest of us, mm'kay?

will said...

eee! i love "what is happening", although i still do think "don't go out tonight" is a more apt title!!

re: leon jackson, i think he should've stuck with his original look versus the zac efron makeover special. it created a disconnect with his core audience i think.

LOVE LOVE LOVE O.O.C.!!! Exceeded all expectations!! eeee



Aaron said...

Loving Out Of Control - Very muchly!

I can't see what you mean about FF/Blogger - It works fine for me!

I'm seriously considering picking up that Coldplay re-release!

Would you like to affiliate? My blog is http://fabtasticmusic.blogspot.com

DanProject76 said...

I am not 'getting' the Girls Aloud album but will play it again tomorrow. It's ok but I love the single so much that it is my chart of the year... the Pet Shop Boys track is nice but needs something edgy to be added to it maybe.

Hurrah for more old/new/old Alphabeat!

Michael said...

Round and Round is one of my favorite Spandau Ballet songs...and I have many.

The Leon Jackson CD is ok. I like most of the originals pretty well, but the covers sound like karaoke. He just doesn't have the charisma of Buble. I wonder if they could sell him to American Adult Contemporary like Buble?

The Girls Aloud CD is great. I love The Loving Kind, Turn To Stone, Love Is Pain, Miss You Bow Wow, and the glorious Untouchable.

The Alphabeat video is so adorable.

D'luv said...

Awww...thanks, luv. I knew giving up my candy to you in a the dumpster behind 7-Eleven would lead to good things.

Dan said...

That photo of Stevie and Jimmy Iovine is fantastic. I am amazed at how gracefully Stevie is aging. I have no idea if she has had work done (it would not surprise me) but she looks very good for age as well as LOOKING HER AGE. A friend of mine thinks that growing old must be hell on Stevie, but I daresay it's harder on Madonna than Stevie.

countpopula said...

I can't wait to experience the Girls Aloud album...Tangled Up was a true fave of 2007. I've only heard The Promise and The Loving Kind in full now, but what excellent pop tunes! Hope they don't call it a day anytime soon!

The Oasis is derivative, yes, but I do think the first half of the album is the best they've come up with since Be Here Now.

Starsailor are on Virgin now, but I thought Virgin was under the EMI umbrella. Have they moved to an indie branch?

The Eddi Reader gave me goosebumps. I just love her voice. It has such a gentle and nostalgic wistfulness that is strong with songs like these. I doubt it will win her many new fans, but hers is a timeless talent. I remember when she played in my indie store near Philadelphia about 8 years ago, and there were only 20 or so people there to see her. Such a shame, as I never understood why local radio station WXPN and their World Cafe series never latched on to her more, while they would talk up the likes of Maria McKee, Shawn Colvin, Paula Cole, and Dar Williams (not that there is anything necessarily bad about them).

I love Bjork, but this song is unlistenable. Earth to artist...

Round & Round is one of Spandau's better late singles.

I have been in similar situations with a wealthy friend where high class locations have frowned upon my appearance or profession, even if it was no different than what you see great portions of the public doing. A bunch of elitist crap, really. If people think racism still exists in the US, class-prejudice is alive and kicking as well.

I love your mixtapes--they always bring a smile to my face :)

babs said...

I echo your thoughts and countpopula's thoughts about class prejudice. 'F the old white dudes.

Am not familiar with the Spandau song. Nope, checked it on i-tunes. Gold I do remember.

Which indie store in the Philly area? I point out that there's nothing terribly world cafeish about Shawn, Paula or Dar. I don't know about Maria. I am presuming of course that WXPN was actually playing "world" songs which they might not have been. Their stations can be like that. Yay, Eddi!

Yay Popmuse on his wedding and fuck Cali Prop 8 and AZ Prop 102.

The Smiths collection could be good.

Yuяi said...

Too bad you couldn't make the show. Her Madgesty was not pleased by your "no show". She was only an hour late, which was about 7 minutes (not quite 4) shy of me winning our standing bet of when she'd grace us on-stage. Spectacular show...totally worth it.

DanProject76 said...

After a few more listens I have now upgraded my opinion of the Girls Aloud album to "really very good."


Adem With An E said...

New GA album is incredible. I cannot wait to get some time to actually write about it.

Glad you brought up the new Bjork track; it's bloody awful isn't it? I really, REALLY loved "Declare Independence" though and still think it's one of her best singles, but -- aside from that track -- Volta has not aged very well at all.