October 28, 2008

Grace: One session with me and you'll be relaxed

Grace Jones appeared on Jonathan Ross last week. It was CLASSIC television. She is a treasure.

She's really funny and not as menacing as one would expect. But then she's also sober.

I don't think Jonathan Ross gets the come-on when she says, "How many languages do you know? Would you like to learn another?" He takes it literally.

Following the recent Guardian article is another killer in The Sunday Times. One amusing line:
She dotes on her son, Paolo, 28, who lives in Paris and whose sports days and parent-teacher meetings she religiously attended, albeit in a series of Thierry Mugler jump suits.

UPDATE: Grace performing new song Williams Blood on Jools Holland...

I love whole "got the Williams blood in me" bit - though the live version cuts off the Amazing Grace ending.


Michael said...

The Aeroplane remix of William's Blood is wonderful. Aeroplane's become one of my favorite remixers.

D'luv said...

Meanwhile, did you see Jonathan Ross got axed...or at least suspended...from his BBC radio gig for calling up a Fawlty Towers actor with Russell Brand and saying they banged his granddaughter?

They should have said they used Grace Jones' tongue to do it with.

Adem With An E said...

"If you go in the swimming pool... you'll drown. And die."

What a fabulous, fabulous woman. I love her laugh!

Adem With An E said...

And yes, what Michael said; the Aeroplane remix is DIVINE. Can't believe she knocked it back...