October 9, 2008

Di bom digi bom di deng di deng digigi uu uuu

Robyn Cobrastyle:

How many videos for how many singles? Bless Robyn for imbibing all that paint. I am not allowed to spit mine out when I drink it... I have to swallow.

Leon Jackson Don't Call It Love:

The kids who like Michael Buble will lap Leon up. So to speak. It's been labeled dreck by quite a few cads, but this tune reminds me of the AM radio I used to hear while belted into the backseat of my mom's Cutlass Supreme in the early 70's.

Alesha Dixon The Boy Does Nothing:

Someone recently asked me about guilty pleasures (I mean musical ones, you slags). This falls into that category. It's insanely catchy- Xenomania of course - but the part where she sing/talks the title is just embarrassing. And is it just me or wouldn't this video work better if the girls were in some sort of period costumes?

Sugababes Spiralling:

Did you want to be in love? What's great about this cover is that, by stripping out the Bowie-isms, you can hear how strong the song truly is. Strong melody, great lyrics and slightly less wonky spoken-word section.


Aaron said...

Oh Come On - Another single from Robyn?

It's time for another album already!

Although - I will admit - I really, really love Cobrastyle!

Michael said...

The Robyn video is good but can't we have just one new song, Robyn? I think someone I enjoy is doing a remix of Cobrastyle but I can't remember who.

I think the Leon Jackson song is lovely, and they've done a pretty impressive make-over on him. More like this please.

The Alesha Dixon song is cute and the Sugababes did a nice job with Spiralling.

countpopula said...

Shameful Robyn has not broken the US! I would think this track would get her in with indie kids, but you'd think they would know about her already. She certainly looks incredible. Still can't believe Interscope have slept on Be Mine, Handle Me, With Every Heartbeat, and Who's That Girl. America is a sleeping giant where she is concerned--she could be as big as Rihanna if they just tried a bit more.

The Sugababes performance was quite inspired. Was that Dixon girl's song a leftover from that Cilmi girl's album (which may have been leftover from Girls Aloud)?

John said...

The Robyn video is brilliant, as usual. Leon isn't bad, but man it's a bit bland. And I never thought that I would praise a Sugababes cover of a Keane song, but, with the exception of the spoken part in the middle, it was pretty inspired!

Paul said...

i really liked Leon when it first came out, but now i'm bored of it. The Alesha song is brilliant, i freaking love it - always puts a smile on my face :) And Sugababes - well done. they do covers so much better than Girls Aloud...

Poster Girl said...

I really like the Sugababes version of "Spiralling"--more than the original, I think. They do have such lovely voices that the covers they do tend to at least make it into "passable."

Adem With An E said...

YES YES YES to Amelle and Friends covering "Spiraling" -- it's so lovely!

As for Alesha; yes, it IS embarrassing during that squeaky "the boy does nothing" bit BUT, it is also pretty cute. If they can co-exist, I mean. I really, really enjoy how fun it is, and actually think it shits all over anything Cilmi had on that "album" of hers.

xolondon said...

The Alesha song has a nice retro feel that I like.

Climi's voice did not inpsire me at all.