October 6, 2008

Dazed To The Rhythm

Grace Jones has teamed up with Chris Cunningham, a photographer suitable to her menacing side, for the new issue of Dazed And Confused.

More disturbing photos via Nicola Formichetti's ubercool style blog (NSFW)

You can stream remixes of the Corporate Cannibal track at her myspace. Grace's new album Hurricane is out in just 3 weeks. So far I like all 3 songs I've heard, but we have yet to see the cover image. Bring it, Grace!


D'luv said...

Too bad it wasn't Friday The 13th director Sean Cunningham, because then he could've done a shoot where Grace gets a harpoon through her tits while having sex in a cabin.

xolondon said...

One time at band camp that happened to me!

Brad said...

Shame we couldn't get more...This is all sorts of wonderful. She's so fucking wonderful. That's all I can say!

Phil said...

I can't work out the middle spread. I can see two arms but the elephantitis bit in between has got me flummoxed.

Can't wait for the album. And can I do a trophy gig thing again? The London gig over the summer was one of the best I've EVER been to.

Adem With An E said...

Mindblowing stuff.

Love Cunningham and love The Grace. I cannot believe it's only 3 weeks away!!