October 19, 2008

And now everything is enhanced by you

Trash Can Sinatras are just about to return with new music. I love this band's mix of beautiful melodies/arrangements and often caustic, witty lyrics. Their forthcoming album is called In The Music. The first single is a hazy, autumnal 6+minute track, Oranges And Apples (hear it now on myspazz or iTunes US / UK - see the video below).

Some details on In The Music:
Unexpectedly, the band got Carly Simon to record backing vocals. One song is called Down And Out In New York City, another is I Hung My Harp On The Willows and the band have also covered lead singer Frank's sister Eddi Reader's gorgeous song Should I Pray?

There is also a plan to re-release their back catalog, with the first three albums released in early 2009. Weightlifting will follow around March and then the new album. They report that all the re-releases will have b-sides/bonus tracks.

Top Ten Plus One TCS songs:

Twisted And Bent
Should I embrace you or embalm you?
How Can I Apply
here's your busfare / somewhere elsewhere you can spend your days
hello, I'm Harry / I've had women, I've had germs

you will find a great weight lifting, easing your mind
The Genius I Was

we are the tufted race and we just graze
Send For Henny

you led me headlong to the place where I belong / dealing big blows to what my heart knows
Trouble Sleeping
murder in a lovely place / I'll make the tea and the sandwiches
Country Air
on the grass behind the goal / I trace your constellation of moles
so long afternoons would go up in balloons
I've Seen Everything
believe in everything, we're leaving everything
Obscurity Knocks
snug as a thug in a mugshot pose, a foul-mouthed rogue

Oranges and Apples video:

You can download tons of free tracks at their site.


D'luv said...

Looks like someone got a blowjob from a publicist.

xolondon said...

No, fucker. I doubt they even have a publicist.

Myfizzypop said...

i am ashamed to say i've never even heard of them but their music is just what i need to calm my frazzled nerves. There has been a dearth of brilliant new "band" (as opposed to pop dance etc) music this year, so even though the act isn't new, it is to me and i'll take what i can get!

John said...


How funny...I have a TCS Lost in the 90s on tap...