September 21, 2008

The Lady in question...

It's all about the Lady... but not the one you think. My weekend began with me feeling "meh" about this artist and ended with that ecstacy you feel when you discover a new artist whose debut album fucking nails it. She is


Adem is right that her debut album is stunning and, coincidentally, very much in keeping with the LA pop I mentioned in my last (Jane Wiedlin) post.

A few fast facts:

1. Hello kiwi. She is from New Zealand, home of the Finn brothers (Split Enz, Crowded House), etc.

2. She has Asperger's Syndrome, a mild variant on autism. This shows how Asperger's can be transcended. I think there are actually a lot of famous / brilliant people with it. Ladyhawke dicusses it in The Guardian.

3. She cites people like Pat Benatar, Stevie Nicks, The Cars, Van Halen, and Blondie as favorites. She's also influenced by "video games, childhood memories, nostalgia, pining, lonliness, and depression." AND she is a cat lady! I count 3 of them on her album cover, but I bet there are more.

The name comes from the 1985 fantasy film starring Michelle Pfeiffer and Mr. Matthew Jessica Parker.

5. Her two singles, Paris Is Burning (see it) and Dusk Till Dawn (see it) are not even close to the best choices for singles. Next up is better: My Delerium.

6. Her real name is Pip! (The Royal) We love girls named Pip. She seems to be very sweet, if you read her blog. Which is good, because I am worn out by women who call themselves "super bitches" (yes, that is a reference to another blond).

7. The artwork, all drawings, was done by her best friend Sarah Larnach.

8. Her haircut is just like early Stevie Nicks, when she first joined Fleetwood Mac.

9. She shares the same lexicon as Chartrigger, using the word rad.

10. Adem is right that when one of her songs starts to seem repetitive, it is pulled out by some other element, vocally or musically. His darlings Van She have remixed Back Of The Van into something totally beyond.

11. She has fans in Kylie Minogue, who Ladyhawke would love to work with and Courtney Love, who scares her!

12. You can hear many of the new songs at her myspazz, including my favorites Better Than Sunday, and the Benatar-esque Love Don't Live Here. My favorite so far is the surging Another Runaway. The rad (!) blog Cream Team pairs that one with Van Halen's Jump.

The album is release in most of the world on September 22, with a big EP release in the US on October 14. If you really can't wait to hear tracks, see below or try Hype Machine.

Ladyhawke Album Megamix via Anthem Mag.

5 comments: said...

So far, I have yet to see the hype. I am going to have to listen a few more times... here's hoping it's a grower.

Aaron said...

I do agree with Duanemoody - I've yet to see the hype - but I don't actually think I will - I think the Genius has escaped me!

Thanks for the link about the Asperger's - she has a really touching story.

xolondon said...

The singles are almost deliberately more indie than the CD. I'd pick Another Runaway or My Delirium to put on mixes... if I made mixes anymore.

Myfizzypop said...

I think it's an absolute grower and totally worthy of anyone's time. I'm beyond fascinated by the fact she has asperger's syndrome. Doing a lot of stuff relating to that at work at the moment. Pip! Rad! It's like a novel that writes itself...

Adem With An E said...

I'm so, so pleased to see Ladyhawke getting some xolove. I was hoping your feelings on her would change once you'd heard the album...