August 17, 2008

XOvision: I've seen fire and I've seen rain.

Wee Willy Young Changes:

Still think the song is only "decent" - and the video is a bit of pretentious wank. Though it does have a topless scene.

Kylie Flower:

From her London O2 concert broadcast last week. Her inexplicable new ballad, which for a moment sounds like it's about to be a cover of Where The Streets Have No Name. But it's not. And when will this be released, trolls?

Solange Sandcastle Disco:

Crazyass Sol-angel seems to share her sister Bouncey's Diana Ross fetish, but to me she actually comes across as Jody Watley lite. This album is going to be tremendous though! Can you believe I just said that? THAT may be the fifth horseman of the apocolypse.


Myfizzypop said...

Ah Wee willy winky. Horribly pretentious video, the song is growing on me more and more though. I do think it's rather fine.

Solange - i'm STUNNED by how much i like her. It's not like i'm an ardent fan but of the three or four songs i've heard, I'm SO appreciating her right now. Eep.

Kylie - sigh. This and Ruffle would make a great christmas AA side to go with the inevitable release of X2008 DVD...

DanProject76 said...

I couldn't be bothered to click the Will Young clip, sorry! I am allergic to anything from those 'reality talent' shows!

But Solange... as someone who ghates oretty much all of the current R&B music but was a massive fan in the good old days I too am very much enjoying the woman with the name I have no idea how to pronounce. I may even buy her album! Whatever next?

Kylie's nice too. But the other new song from that show (the dancey one) was very average.

Adem With An E said...

Loving Solange. Who woulda thought?! I remember not even paying any attention to her whatsoever the first time around, then "I Decided" erupted and now this; heavenly.

I wonder though... Freemasons Remix? Will we get one?

Anonymous said...

that kylie song/perf is the exact moment you go to the bar for another beer - boring.

love solange. she is killing it, but theres no chance she will ever cross over into real success, she'll always be an 'our secret' kinda artist. sad for her.

xolondon said...

Just got the Solange CD and was SHOCKED to see the first track, God Given Name, is a collab with DC's own Thievery Corporation.

I have one issue with this record which I will explain "vair vair" soon.