August 31, 2008

Review: Uh Huh Her's Common Reaction

Awhile back, I mentioned loving Uh Huh Her's killer debut single Not A Love Song - and what a travesty it was that there was no video. Finally, they've done a clip. AND IT CONTAINS A UNICORN. How hot is that?

Is it just me or does the duo evoke Shakespears Sister in that video?

Uh Huh Her, named after a PJ Harvey record, is Leisha Hailey (of The Murmurs and The L Word) and Camila Grey (she's the lead singer). They rock. The debut album is called Common Reaction and it's a solid effort. To call it LA pop sounds vaguely demeaning, but that's the sound: guitars and synths, with high multi-tracked vocals. Not A Love Song, above, is totally slick - a driving song and a true summer radio "earworm."

Wait Another Day sounds a bit like Sugagbabes' Denial, which is a good thing, though it might be even better with the BPMs amped up on a dance mix. Explode, one my favorites, verges on electropop. It's sleek and sexy, but with a line like "So won't you pay / If you wanna go down," is it about hookers? (Great, in LA hookers are as hot as unicorns!) Say So has a beat ripped out of 1983 Cali new wave, with a vocal that reminds me of Martha Wainwright.

The ballads are less successful, but the heart of the record is its more propulsive arrangements. In the age of too many producers and "cowrites" on pop records, I appreciate how Common Reaction manages to have a cohesive sound, yet doesn't get too repetitive. There really isn't a duff track here. Sample a little, why don't you?

Uh Huh Her Explode stream
Uh Huh Her Not A Love Song stream
Uh Huh Her Say So stream


monkeydrum said...

Totally loving Uh Huh Her. 'Common Reaction' is definitely a solid album. 'Explode' is my favorite track on the album and is actually a slightly improved production from the one on their 'I See Red' EP.

Thanks for sharing the video! There is sort of a Shakespear's Sister vibe going on and I like how the video has a kind of low-fi, '80s sort of look. Their sound strikes me as having some '80s new wave/indie flavor to it. said...

This record gets better with each listen for me. My friend Deb and I are just cooing about it every time we talk about music (which is every day!)!! It will definitely be amongst my top records of the year.

Michael said...

Planet Unicorn, heeyyyyyy

Paul said...

I kept meaning to check this group out but never got around to it before today and now i am smitten. I always find the use of unicorns hot. It enhances my pleasure of the music!

Doron said...

I am really loving this album. NOT A LOVE SONG still does it for me, hundreds of listens later... These girls ought - by right - to be huge.

DanProject76 said...

They made a video????!!?!?!?!!

Excellent. I've been playing the EP I have for a while now. The album's on pre-order and I want it now!

Does this mean that you were the one who got me into them when you mentioned them before? If so, that's another one I owe you.

When I found out that Alice from The L Word was half of the band it all felt like fate.