August 2, 2008

Quote Of The Week: Róisín Murphy

Róisín Murphy on her notoriously tight white top:

My father doesn't like it, let's put it that way... I really haven't got very much in the breast department, so I'm not afraid of showing them off.

Lots of news via ArjanWrite's Róisín interview:

1) New video coming for Movie Star
2) New single will include her cover of Bryan Ferry's Slave To Love
3) Róisín will be the voice of a new Gucci campaign in Europe
4) Overpowered will be released in America and there will be a fall tour.


Brad said...

Maybe she still wants to know if we like her tight sweater?

Michael said...

I'm really looking forward to hearing the Bryan Ferry cover.

Yuяi said...

Awesome..."Movie Star" deserves a better video and can't wait to hear the Bryan Ferry cover.

Anonymous said...

I just picked up this album in London too. And now's she's coming on over. Can't wait to see how EMI botch her career in the US like they'e done with Kylie!! But a tour does sound promising!!

Adem With An E said...

I am quite pleased to hear she's going to tour your side of the world; she simply cannot deny you guys her amazing live show.