August 23, 2008

Ne-Yangel and The Reckless Driving Dreams

After producing the exhilirating Closer, Ne-Yo disappoints with his new single Miss Independent - it's typical r'n'b radio fodder, but his upcoming album has some potential gems, including the one above. So You Can Cry, which leaked in early summer, sounds like a companion to Solange Knowles' new tunes... it's a juicy peach. The rhyming of pity party and calamari is particularly droll, if a bit overdone. With eyebrows raised, do note the product placement for Vaseline on Ne-Yo's stage.

On a related note, Maxwell is touring this fall, so it looks as if there's finally some action there. Mark my words, unless he deviates a great deal from his sound, that record will be huge. Lover boy's absence has only intensified his reputation.

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