August 3, 2008

Lorraine puts on something pretty

That's Ole from Lorraine looking like he's about to jump off a Manhattan rooftop. Perhaps because I've pissed all over them for not releasing an album, which isn't their fault, though they could have issued some statement. Now all is forgiven, because their new song, Tell It All, is one of the most anthemic songs of 2008. It's built on what sounds like an interpolation of Pet Shop Boys melancholy classic Home And Dry, but it flies off into something bigger. Have you ever noticed the most arm-waving tunes often have lyrics about motion and places?

"We can jump back straight to the promised land / We can live like poets and I can write in your hand / We can live to tell it all."

Is it hyperbole to say that when you hear this song you will, like, levitate? Nah...

Hear Tell It All on Lorraine's myspace now.


Michael said...

That is a good one. I like it much more than When I Return To The World or Saved.

xolondon said...

I should note that I sent an email to various peeps about this song, so most of the response has come via email, but it's quite positive.

Joseph said...

This is nice but I think "When I Return To The World" was far better. Still, I like it.

I'm sure Neal and Chris are going to need some credit on that one! ;)