August 15, 2008

Hard Mandy at 50

When posed the question "Which Madonna is your most favored Madonna?"
I go with this iconic video:

UPDATE: Warners has broken the embed. Click on the image above to watch the video

Top Ten - plus one - Reasons To Love Borderline.
11. Gloss magazine cover.
10. That HAT! (refer to the best shot at 3:10)
9. Bucktoothed Latino boyfriend.
8. Madonna learning to play pool at the end.
7. Fingerless lace gloves, Keith Haring painted skirt, nude lippy, Ray Bans, rags.
6. The part at 1:33 where she sinks down out of the frame.
5. The youthful fleshiness of her body. There's a whole generation that does not undertand she was seriously fuckable.
4. Insouciantly spraypainting the statue's crotch (0ff camera) and the sports car.
3. The prominence of her Roman nose in this video, with the great flared nostrils.
2. The song, the song, the song, so pleasing in its subtlety.
and, of course...
1. At 2:19, when a spurned Madonna kicks the telephone pole with her fluorescent pump.

I may dislike Madonna recent look and album, but I'll still fizz over some rare-ish photos...

Hank Steuver of the Washington Post wrote a great piece last Sunday on the evolution of Madonna. My friends and I kept emailing each other our favorite lines from it...
She's like those women you run into at play groups and the farmers market, only she is worth $600 million. We paid $200 to see Madonna in concert a few years ago. She came out and sang a lot of her hits -- "Vogue," "Like a Prayer." Then she sang "Imagine" by John Lennon, almost atonally. "Please listen to the words of this song," she ordered us. "We have to change the world." She said this as if the audience had never before heard "Imagine" or thought about the lyrics. When you give Madonna your money now, what you're buying is a thrilling opportunity to bask in her audacity: You must love me. We must change the planet, together, each one of us. I have to get on my jet now.

Finally, there is a superb interview with Christopher Ciccone in the UK's Gay Times. Christopher actually seems thoughtful and kind in this one. Of her current projects, he says, "I do wish she would experiment in her career at this point. She doesn't need the money. She doesn't need to repeat the things she did in the past. Yet she's going back and doing this sex thing. It doesn't work now, it's kind of creepy... when she's on it and when she's connected to her audience, she's brilliant."


Yuяi said...

How could you forget the part where she spraypaints the dude's 280Z?! Classy!

I love the last b/w photo. Stunning!

xolondon said...

I did not forget it, dude. I mention it above. Or do you mean "you" in the sense of "How could anyone..."?

Yuяi said...

Definitely the latter. Nicely done, Xo.

Adem With An E said...

Lovely post! I just love the pink wig; have you seen the video in which she incorporates said wig? I just posted it on my birthday tribute.

Thanks for that Washington Post link too; an absolute joy to read.

Anonymous said...

Oh Christ, I remember Madonna wearing that pink wig to perform Like a Virgin on UK television. It was tragic to look at, but she pulled off an amazing performance nonetheless.

Happy Birthday your Madgesty.

PS My favourite video would have to be the underrated Bad Girl. She's totally believable in her portrayal.

D'luv said...

Is the boyfriend in this Gerardo? I always forget which one he's in... tres cute here, whoever it is.

Nice writeup! Happy 60th, Madonna!

Joseph said...

I heard "Borderline" for the first time in ages the other day. I forget where I was, but I remember being suddenly struck by how great it is, particularly the bit that begins at 1:55 and "something in your eyes is making such a fool of me." *swoon* Would that technically be the second verse? Anyway, I've always loved that part of the song.

It's easy to take a song like this for granted. It's been there almost 25 years, you've heard it more times than you can count, and you're sick of it...until you hear it in a shop or wherever and it just clicks and you remember why you loved it in the first place. It's pretty brilliant when that happens.

Also, how am I just now noticing that the video was filmed in LA?

xolondon said...

Jospeh, it took me years to notice that. It's like East LA, not the East Village or Spanish Harlem, etc.