August 13, 2008

The good always win in the end.

Rush rush rush to 8-1 and listen to the songs by Reuben Butchart (Boo-shárt). They are lovely, classic and make me yearn for fall leaves and bonfires. They just kind of glow. Come & Play and Golden Boy are initial favorites, arranged with some mighty orchestrals. The full album, which contains a duet with Antony Hegarty, is available on iTunes, etc. I feel as if I let Reuben pass me by awhile back - if this is true, Reuben, please forgive me. You sound like an old soul.

Here is a Butchart player for the Golden Boy album...

Thanks once again to Tacim for his good taste.

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Anonymous said...

oh i didn't know he was so good looking. i've been listening to these (from Tacim too). and had no idea. cuteness.