August 6, 2008

Dear Mr. President, Pink will be here when you are gone

I hunted around my "archives" trying to find what I'd written about Pink and it's strangely little. But here's the deal: she's a "popular" star, but I think she's going to be around for a long time. The main reason: much of her talent and depth has not even been touched yet.

Her new single So What leaked today, with its bitched out chorus of
"So what I'm still a rock star, I've got my rock moves and I don't need you." There was a comment on PopJustice about how some rock fans might challenge her assertion that she's a "rock star" Here is what I said:

What a brilliant first line: "I guess I just lost my husband, I don't know where he went."

I take her lyrics as being kind of ironic. I don't think she means what she's saying- being a rock star is not going to save her and she knows that. But it's a breakup/I-will-survive song.

I challenge any small-dicked rock snob to say Pink is not a rocker in her heart. She could belt the Zep catalog while tearing the balls off of every drunk asshole in the arena.

Top 10 plus 1 reasons Pink IS a rock star:

1. She stood up for herself early in her career and refused to do what the suits wanted - and she won.

2. She pulled her shit together after years of rebellion.

3. She's beautiful, but she never trades on that as her Thing. She does sexy, but has no need to rely on it because...

4. Her vocals are the real deal - she is a passionate singer.

5. Her I'm Not Dead album was genre-popping and loaded with great songs, escpecially the 70's-Elton-esque Nobody Knows (video)

6. That album's b-sides (like Heartbreaker) were as good as some of the album tracks.

7. She recorded the best Prince song that Prince never wrote, Catch Me While I'm Sleeping - a classic (fanmade video).

8. Her Stupid Girls video. Pink seems committed to providing an alternative role model to girls who have a limited array of minge-flashing jailbait Celebrity chicks from which to choose their icons.

9. The spirit of rock is about fearlessness and self expression. Pink wrote the song below, Dear Mr. President, and released it on a major label, at the risk of alienating conservative fans.

10. Live performances of that song featured images of George Bush on screens behind her as she sang, "You've come a long way from whiskey and cocaine." I should add that the Indigo Girls sang this with her on the album.

11. I hope that in 15 years, she'll be one of those artists that plays sheds in the summer, year after year, bringing in fans with a long list of hits.

Pink Dear Mr. President:

In this version from Wembley, I love her facial expressions at 2:45 when she sings about gay children...

Pink has all my respect: she's whipsmart rock'n'roll in the best sense.
Her album is out in October.


Myfizzypop said...

what a brilliant title. (of your blog post not her song) The song is decent too. me likey.

Adem With An E said...

Oh I agree on all counts here. The girl has some serious staying power and I've thought that since Missundaztood was released. That voice is captivating and her songs age incredibly well.

And the new song? Obsessed with it.

babs said...

I agree with you too. I moderately liked her in Misundaztood but the I'm not Dead album cemented it. Definitely.

xolondon said...

I would not have guessed you were a Pink fan, Barbara! said...

I liked her all along, but she gained a life long fan with her most recent record, I'm Not Dead. Pink is brilliant.

babs said...

Surprise... I'm a dark horse Pink Fan.

Partly like to support people who survived Doylestown, PA, and partly I just like her.

The songs that I think cemented the liking were "Don't Let me Get Me" (plus video) and "Pill" and then "Stupid Girls"

Anonymous said...

I liked her first 2 albums, then totally went of her on album number 3. And then all the brilliance of 'I'm Not Dead Yet' came out. At first listen her new single sounded a bit gimmicky (on my laptop speakers), but I love it now!