May 5, 2008

We really do adore her

Hmph. Why did Sharl fold the picture in half before she put it on her album cover? Whatever, Sharleen Spiteri is releasing a solo album, the oh-so-cleverly titled Melody, in mid-June. You can get a free download of an okay (yeah, just okay) new ballad, That Was A Lie.

We know her new single is called All The Times I Cried, but nobody has heard it yet. Sharl is calling this CD her "Nancy Sinatra record." She self-produced it, though there is one collaboration with Benard Butler. You can bet some plebes will say she's pulling a Duffy, but Sharleen was doing retro soul when that little Welsh girl was in a training bra. Black Eyed Boy anyone?

The Texas Greatest Hits record is delish, but Texas were probably only cool for one single, the stellar Say What You Want (a compete ripoff of the superior Prince/Martika collaboration, Love Thy Will Be Done). In fact, I remember British Bridget - my cousin - making gagging faces when I said I loved the song Halo.

Here are my Top 10 Plus One Texas songs:

Inner Smile (#1!)
Summer Son
Say What You Want
Guitar Song
Black Eyed Boy
When We Are Together
In Demand
Get Down Tonight
Good Advice

Here is a full press release for Melody.


D'luv said...

Okay, now them's fightin' words... do you mean "Texas were probably only cool for one single," as in the mainstream only found them cool? I'm assuming so, since you also found 10 other songs you like by them...

I adore Texas... classy pop at its finest! They were like the more upbeat 10,000 Maniacs from across the pond!

"Inner Smile" is sublime... have you heard the 9+ minute extended version?

Also truly love "Black Eyed Boy" and "When We Are Together."

xolondon said...

I forgot I posted this because I used the new scheduled posting feature in Blogger!

Anyway, yes, I mean cool to a mass audience. Say What You Want and Halo were not appealing to the same fans, if you know what I mean. Like British Bridget.

I have never heard the 9 min Inner Smile. I KNOW you will send it to me...

D'luv said...

Word on the street is that your inbox can only take 8 minutes, but we'll see what we can do.

xolondon said...

Well, that is true. My inbox has not been filled as many times as yours, so is not as stretched to capacity.

lucas said...

ok, now now, simmer down boys! :-)

So weird you posted this because I just downloaded the BBC 2-disc collection on iTunes the other day and have been in Texas heaven lately....

and was wondering what was next...

Agree that It's a Lie is a little lacking....

I think you can like both Halo and Say What You Want...

My top songs:
1. So-called friend
2. Say What You Want
3. Inner Smile
4. Put Your Arms Around Me
5. In Demand
6. In Our Lifetime
7. Saint
8. The Day Before I Went Away
9. Place In My World
10. Getaway
+1 = Halo :-)

countpopula said...

I love Say What You Want, Inner Smile, and Put Your Arms Around Me, as well as Summer Son and Black Eyed Boy. Thanks also for the Getaway love! Can't Resist and What About Us are two other faves of mine from Red Book.

How about Parisian Pierrot? What a great lost gem.

midnight lounge said...

...I still listen to Martika's "Love...Thy Will Be Done." Total genius of a song.

Anonymous said...

Say What You Want is my fav. Sharleen is absolutely beautiful.
That Was A Lie i love! I'll add my blog

DanProject76 said...

From a marketing point of view I thought Texas WAS Sharleen Spiteri.


Like all the previous posters I like a lot of the old songs so I'll give it a go.

Jason said...

Halo and Black Eyed Boy are genius. Summer Son is right up there as well.

Love...Thy Will Be Done is one of the rare 90's productions by Prince that doesn't sound dated and dreadful, by today's standards. As evidence, I present "Martika's Kitchen" from the same Martika album.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't she supposed to release that solo record years ago? And then came the some what disappointing Red Book... I always liked them/her, although it's a bit middle of the road...

We Are Pop Slags

xolondon said...

Midnight and Chris, that Martika /Prince song is an alltime favorite. Nothing else she did compared.