May 13, 2008

This year we're going to be popular, even if it kills us

ike, totally major news. Totally. One of the great cult hit television shows of all time is finally getting a DVD release. Square Pegs, the 80's classic about students at Weemawee High School, is out in the U.S. at the end of May. Sarah recently told MTV that it was a "subversive" show about "two smart ladies looking to find the other smart people in the world." It's not been seen too widely since its original airing, so this release is long overdue (and timed, I guess, to coincide with Sex And The City).

Square Pegs aired on American TV for one short season (20 episodes) in 1982-83, which would have been my 8th grade year. Everyone from Devo to Bill Murray made guest appearances because it was the baby of SNL writer Anne Beatts.

The show was also pop culture's introduction to Parker, who played a bright nerd named Patty Greene. Sarah says she's really the precursor to Carrie Bradshaw because Patty wanted to be a writer and meet smart people. All the characters were cleverly drawn, particularly Tracey Nelson's Jennifer DiNuccio (the Valley Girl who I remember quoting about "little plastic baggies") and Jami Gertz's preppy archetype Muffy Tepperman.

Here is a clip of the opening sequence:

Note that the DVD includes a new interview with Sarah Jessica Parker.

[Joanna, are you paying attention? xosa]


V said...

Not to mention The Waitresses singing the title song in one episode. I did love this show. They did do some re-runs on this a few years back and it was interesting to know that that girl WAS SJP. I will have to get this DVD.

xolondon said...

Yes yes! I had the single - "I'd like it if they like us, but I don't think they like us."

It's too bad, the Waitresses singer died of something like cancer. :(

babs said...

Like Oh my God. This song will be in my head now.

Saw this on another blog and thought of you totally. :).

Tv Land I think re-ran this semi-recently. Like recent enough that I got more of the humor now. I remember the Valley Boy Vinnie that Jennifer was dating and when Devo showed up for somebody's bat or bar mitzvah. (I want to say Jami Gertz's character, but am not sure.)

Sadly, when I was watching Still Standing (which is one of those shows you get sucked into), I was like psyched when Tracy Nelson guested as it reunited her with Jami Gertz. Says much about me, alas.

Have been catching Happy Days on tv. and realized that it became a train wreck far sooner than I thought it did at the time. (I was 7-8.)

Babs, in overshare as usual.

xolondon said...

Babs in overshare is ALWAYS welcome. I knew you'd comment on this one!

Michael said...

I had such a crush on Merrick Butrick. RIP.

babs said...

I get the crush on Merrick Butnick or Johnny now, but at the time, I think I was more crushing on Vinnie in all his pretty vacant ways.

I think the things I liked about the show was the quirkiness and Patty and Lauren and the Valley Stuff. The boys didn't seem to enter into the Babs's Great Tv Crushes. (Some of which are deeply embarrassing to admit and deeply varied.)

Chris Krakora said...

I remember when this had first aired on TV, I thought it was quite enjoyable and wished that it wasn't cancelled so soon. BTW Devo made an appearance on that series as well.

I so have to get this DVD.