May 27, 2008

She & Him: I couldn't help but fall in love again

She & Him are Zooey Deschanel - the spunky actress who played the stewardess sister in Almost Famous - and M Ward, the indie folk dude. Their debut album, the hopefully titled Volume One, should be trumpeted far and wide. It's fantastic. They sound like an amalgamation of kd lang in her Shadowlands era (country), mixed with bits of early Linda Ronstandt, mixed with 1950's New York City jazzwomen like Blossom Dearie.

The album cover features a girl holding a bright light and that's exactly the right visual for these songs, fresh and light sing-along tunes.

I recommend Sweet Darlin', which has shades of last year's Brit fave Lucky Soul, the smooth retro country of Change Is Hard, and the single Why Do You Let Me Stay Here. I love Zooey's twangy, vaguely mewling (in a good way!) vocals. I Thought I Saw Your Face Today is so breathtaking that Patsy Cline's heels are clickin' in her coffin. The latter song also whips me into the backseat of a white '72 Cutlass Supreme - there is something very 70's AM radio about it. Good times, good times.

She & Him Why Do You Let Me Stay Here expired


Anonymous said...

Ok, I think I am going to have to get this. I knew Zooey could sing but your gushing has sold me further. Plus you know I love me some Patsy Cline and country kd!


Anonymous said...

get out of my head !!!

D'luv said...

Can you believe Zooey sold out and is in that M. Night Shemale trash with Mark Wahlberg!?

Yuяi said...

Hey! It's DG from "Tin Man"...and Dr. Temperance "Bones" Brennan's real life sister. Who knew she could sing?

countpopula said...

Maybe ZD should stick to wife thought she ruined Tin Man and I have friends who have seen the Happening and say it is the worst movie Shyamalan has made, INCLUDING Lady in the Water.

babs said...

ooh, harsh-o-rama on the Tin Man and Shymalan film. Okay, to be fair, I didn't see Lady of the Water. I did like the Village, surprisingly.