May 1, 2008

Santogold got her mind made up

Mismatched Santi White is red hot. She's got major New York style, doesn't she? Which means she can look stellar and spend nuthin' doing it.

I had dismissed Santogold as the new M.I.A. because of how she sounds, how she looks and her collaborators. Reasonable, right? Turns out there is more to this woman than meets the ear. Early tracks like Creator and the Mark Ronson collab Pretty Green gave no clue that she can sing in a less affected voice.

As our friend Tacim announces on his blog 8-1, there is some pop going on here. Or I think that is what he's saying - the blog's in Turkish! I suggest you rush now to his post and check out some of the tracks: I'm A Lady, which has a lovely vocal that recalls Deborah Harry, and You'll Find A Way, which I think Tacim likens to Cyndi Lauper, though I'd peg the vocal as very Annabella Lwin of BowWowWow. Lights Out is another good one. Dig her sound and then watch her amusingly not-quite-violent video...

Santogold L.E.S. Artistes:

Santogold Your Voice MP3
Santogold Creator Windows Media stream
Santogold MTVu Backstage video stream

Strange fact: Santi wrote and produced one of my favorite songs of 2001, Golden Boys by Res. Remind yourself now.


countpopula said...

Glad you like Santi...supposedly she's from Philly originally. Her album is great, and not necessarily what I expected either. The first couple tracks (including the single) remind me vocally of Dale Bozzio of Missing Persons minus some squeakage.

Another crazy fact--she cowrote a couple tracks on the new Ashlee Simpson album. Don't hold that against her--girl needs a paycheck--but you can tell she would have done them better ;)

Michael said...

She's pretty good. Lights Out is a terrific track.

D'luv said...

But where does she keep her cock?

xolondon said...

In yer bum D'luv.

Salvador Ali said...

I'm gonna get her album this weekend. It took me a few months to warm up to "L.E.S. Artists."

It's a great song but I'm thinking about moving to NYC and that line "I can say I hope it will be worth what I give up" just kills me :)