May 14, 2008

Playlist: Top Ten Plus One

The weekend I moved into my new place, it was the beginning of the Cherry Blossom Festival here. Our house had it's own mini-festival going on, which might make me the Cherry Blossom Princess. Nevermind that this wee tree is not actually a cherry tree, but some sort of peach tree. My lovely new friend Alexandra took the photo above. As for the soundtrack, here are 11 songs I've been playing as I bop around Capitol Hill this spring.

Captain Keep An Open Mind
I am obsessed with this song. Captain prove they can craft a perfect pop gem without the aid of previous producer Trevor Horn. here

Coldplay Viva la Vida
Plucky strings? Check. Strong lyric? Check. Choral ohhhs from Chris? Check. Nothing to do with fair trade? Check. here

Delays Girl's On Fire
Surging. With like 4 grandiose endings, this is a monster of a song. 7 Dig

Cyndi Lauper Same Ol' Story
Cyn's new single recorded with DC denizen Rich Morel. With f-bombs galore, this song is a strong teaser for her grand return. She's so unsual it drives me wild.

Santogold I'm A Lady
The one where she sound alotta lika Blondie. Cool boys keep swinging and singing, "I'm a ladeeee, got my mind made up, got my mind up." here

Cajun Dance Party Colourful Life
Britpop kids singing about Wrigley's Gum atop string breakdowns and PA system babble. Produced by legendary Bernard Butler. 7 Dig

ABC The Very First Time
My friends just might ask me if this is really that good. I say maybe, yes! Break out your gold lame suits, this is another class single that could have easily been on The Lexicon Of Love. 7 Dig

Ladytron Tomorrow
Their CD Velocifero is a major record for 2008. Expect it on many critics' lists in December. This track is an even better single than their current one, Ghosts. I shall talk more about Ladytron when my review is finally out in Instinct. here

Sam Sparro S.A.M. S.P.A.R.R.O.
Why the hell did he leave this off his album? It is the perfect CD/concert opener. Fave parts: "A is for 'allo because it's nice to meet ya" and the "oh shit" vocoder bit on the bridge.

Neon Neon I Told Her On Alderaan
Wot year is it? 1985? Sentimental without being pastiche, this is a Welsh dream. Excellent handclap potential sends it soaring. here

Perfume Baby Cruising Love
Found via MuuMuse, who is right that this J-pop tune (with a vaguely pervy title) sounds like a bunch of children warbling. Or maybe a bunch of Rachel Stevens fans singing at recess in Hiroshima. Super kawai.

photo by Alexandra M.


Myfizzypop said...

I think you are the cherry blossom princess. Now to find you a prince...

The Captain song is infernally catchy is it not? I really like it and am looking forward to the album now :) There has been "good" music this year, but nothing yet that has made me go "oh my god that is amazing" though Oh Laura come very close...

Did you see Donna Summer's album can be streamed over at VH1??

DanProject76 said...

Oh yes, Sparro's acronym roborap track should have been on the album instead of the recycling song. I don't know where I acquired the track from but I love it.

Joseph said...

I've listened to Velocifero a bunch of times and I have to say I am definitely not having any luck getting into it. There is only one song that I even want to hear repeatedly ("Kletva"). I don't hear any hooks. Nothing pulls me in. The record ends and I literally cannot remember anything about it. Looking forward to your review though. Maybe some fresh insight will help me crack this one.

xolondon said...

Really Joseph? Try Tomorrow and Ghosts. Strongly melodic to my ears. I don't love Black Cat, that's for sure. Maybe you just need a "window" into it.

Michael said...

I watched the Ghost video last night. Helen Ladytron has hot legs! Who knew?

babs said...

The tree looks like some sort of oriental or flowering peach tree. Which is my vague, non-gardening, hunch because it looks like similar trees I have seen on the east coast.

It's pretty...

Yuяi said...

That Sam Sparro tune is the jam, is it not?

And I agree with your evaluation of the Perfume song. When you mentioned Hiroshima, I immediately thought of the band of the same name and their song "Go". I'm not sure if "Go" ever got a release, but it sure is a pretty song.

KulPop said...

Have you checked out the new Royworld single 'Dust', one of my current iPod favourites.



Joseph said...

Funny, I just listened to "Tomorrow" out of the context of the album and I liked it but I swear when I play the whole album I feel it just gets tedious. "Ghosts" has grown on me a bit but I still don't feel like this album is a step forward in any way.