May 26, 2008

One is such a lonely number

Music Source has this booty...

Liza Minnelli's collaboration with Pet Shop Boys, the 1989 album Results. When is Minnelli going to pull a Cyndi /Donna and do a blistering dance record for the clubs. It seems inevitable. I recommend Tonight Is Forever and Rent.

A mysterious Tour Version of Candy Store by Madonna that is superior to the album version. Gives the track a long intro.

A promo interview for Kylie's Impossible Princess (Kylie Minogue) CD.

Shock-a-locka-a-boom features...

The original 10-minute extended mix of Madonna's Open Your Heart, a song sorely in need of a live resurrection. I find that this track doesn't sound as dated as one would think - it just gets better as time goes on.

PopMuse has...

The Steve Mac remix of Rihanna's Cry. Much better than the album version. Not new, but worthy.

A slightly odd-yet-pretty club mix of Alanis Morissette's Underneath by the esteemed Josh Harris.


Yuяi said...

I am loving the new & much improved "Candy Store" remix. It should be great to hear live and in person. Not to rub that in or anything! I'm just sayin'!

When was the last right-and-proper "Open Your Heart" live rendition anyway? Was it Reinvention or Blond Ambition?

xolondon said...

Blond Ambition, 1990!

DanProject76 said...

Thanks for the mp3 links.

Madonna's Open Your Heart 12" mix is peculiar (if it's the one I'm thinking of) but I loved it when I had it on vinyl in ye olden dayes.

The Richard said...

You know I love a diva... and by weirrrrrd coincidence just got back from seeing Liza on St Martin's Lane.

What. a. show. I saw her before in 2002 (the David Gest years) but this was way better. It was all cabaret (the musical style) rather than anything remotely electronic, but I couldn't help thinking of this post, and that she could so easily put her mind to putting some sweeping, dramatic pop music together. There's nothing really like that out there at the moment, is there?

Can you imagine, for instance, what Bernard Butler and David McAlmont could write for her?

Anyway, she was fab. I've probably rambled on too long on this topic, but I am just, you know, spreadin' the news.