May 24, 2008

Mixtape: Drop your socks and grab your mini boombox

That pic of Kylie came from Vasilios at PJ Forums. 2 weeks on the road and she's tweaking her setlist, which is cool. Strangely, she is not performing her next single The One at some of the shows. If you want to watch the opening number Speakerphone (which Madonna strangely calls the best song on X), see the video further down. The part where the letters come out of her eyes and mouth is quite a Moment. And the Kylie Merch is EPIC.

Lily Allen says she is not out of control and that she is finishing her new album with Mark Ronson right now. By "not out of control," she means that dying your hair an inappropriate shade of blond and showing your shaved poonani via a see-through dress is fine behavior.

The Alanis Morrissette album is a gem (review soon), thanks to producer Guy Sigsworth. I've only had a few Alanis songs on my iPod in the past: Hands Clean, Thank U, and So Unsexy, so this is a surprise to me. It may be in my Top 10 for the year.

A lonely place to be: I don't like The Ting Tings. At all.

How I Learned To Hate Rock And Roll has a
great piece on What an excellent post. My college roommate and I have long noted Rolling Stone's REM stance- that each album marks a return from the disastrous previoius release. This same effect occurs in Prince reviews.

Bryn Christopher fab or just sort of makeshift? I am inclined to say it reeks of Amy Winehouse Bandwagon, minus the drugs and any originality. Check out the video for The Quest and let me know what you think.

Did you see George Michael on American Idol? Watch it. He's aging fast: looked like a skeevy old Greek uncle with the glasses and the neck chain. But he did a great job considering he had a cold. You could tell he was trying to make sure he could hit the notes - a lesson in how to modify a performance when your "instrument" is letting you down. And Praying For Time, while a bit dour for AI, was a thoughful choice at such a bad time in American history.

Check out The Mutineers at 8-1.

Did you know the Kleerup album has track called Forever sung by The Great Neneh Cherry? I don't like it - it sounds as if she's doing vocals on a Lykke Li song. He should have really collaborated on a song that took advantage of Neneh's skills. Linda Sundblad, who did the perfect Back In Time in 2006) also sings a better one called History. Kleerup has a solid song, Lay Me Down, on the epic new Cyndi Lauper album.

The usual round of rumors is back again that Rachel Stevens (the LEGEND) will return to music in 2008. I won't hold my breath. Bravo t her for not sinking to reality show depths.

PopJustice Forums had a hilarious thread about Russian pop lady (not girl!) Valeriya:

DaDa said "
I thought this was Charlize Theron."
Vasilios said "Looks more like a Russian Emma Bunton's Mum to me."
Robbing The Dead said "I find she's a bit overenthusiastic with her face when she sings."
Pull Shapes said "Even Geri doesn't look that haggard."
APN said "No, it's Sarah Harding! "

If you want to know for yourself what they're talking about, check out Valeriya's video The Party's Over

Kylie, Speakerphone live (fan video):

Finally, a few years ago, I posted one of my favorite poems of all time, called Relinquishment (by Sharon Olds). No one read this blog then, so I link to it once more. This poem is kind of at the essence of something I see in myself (something that is not changing as I age). Anyway, give the kids a little culture...


Michael said...

Hmmm, I like the Bryn Christopher video you posted as well as the final song in his MySpace player, but I didn't care for the other two tracks.

Brad said...

THANK YOU. The Ting Tings album is the most obnoxious mess I've heard in a while. All over the place.

DanProject76 said...

Kleerup and Neneh?

Oh my God I have to hear that, even if you are diappointed. She is a Swede after all... did you ever hear her collaboration with Teddybears? You might like that more. Kleerup has also worked with her (Neneh's) sister Titiyo.

Ting Tings are ok in my opinion. Not the best thing since sliced bread but a 7/10 album.

DanProject76 said...

Update! Have now listened to the Kleerup album and it's not very good at all, is it? There are some horribly similar instrumentals and a few average songs sung over average similar instrumentals. Still love Neneh though!

Alanis' album is much better.

xolondon said...

I have already written my Alanis review, but shall sit on it (!) for a few days to muse over it.

Adem With An E said...

I really do hope we get the X Tour in Oz; it would sort of make absolutely no sense if we didn't though really, being the motherland and all for Kylie.

I like The Ting Tings; there are some corker tracks on the album but when it fizzles, it STINKS. That said, I generally really quite like it, and love the leading lady.

About to listen to Alanis' album now; last two records of hers have not interested me in the slightest but, upon your recommendation, I'm giving this new one a go.