May 9, 2008

I cannot keep quiet!

Looks Presidential to me.

Hillary Clinton continues to jump the shark. A quote from USA Today yesterday:

There was just an AP article posted that found how Senator Obama’s support among working, hard-working Americans, white Americans is weakening again and how whites in both states who had not completed college were supporting me.

Is that something to brag about? Don't get me started on the race aspect. Hillary is not used to losing - nor is her husband. But she has lost and she needs to get off the stage. I am tired of Bush Clinton Bush Clinton. Her advisor Rahm Emanuel is running around making menacing comments about something that could bring down Obama. The whole thing is divisive and nasty and she needs to STOP before I permanently hate her.

Okay. Tirade over. Back to the pop. Viva Barack!

Update: I want to thank El Marveloso for giving me the link to Tears For Fears' Curt Smith (yes!) piece for Huffington Post. It's very thoughtful and it got me to thining about how many times Hillary has disappointed me in the last 3 months. There are two moments that leap to mind, the first being her comment about "obliterating" Iran. I find that language shockingky Rumsfeld-ian. I don't need more leaders ready to jump into war. She's devolved into a series of reactionary poses - we all know McCain is a potential red-button-pusher, so Hill wants to appear tough. Obliterate, to me, conjures images of The Bomb leveling whole cities. Second, her gas tax bullshit, which Curt Smith agrees was a pandering moment. I am more intelligent than that, though apparently Hillary has given up on me and is now going for the uneducated masses. Again. how Bushian. I admire how Obama doesn't do much pandering - he won't make hollow tax promises (at least not yet). He comes across as generally unflappable (he tried his best to ignore angry Rev Wright). Hillary, she comes across as needing this too much. It's like she wants to burn the whole thing down if it cannot be hers.


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Anonymous said...

Right there with you. RIGHT there with you.

xolondon said...

What's worse is that her implied exhaltation of folks without college degrees is ripped right from Bush's "don't trust an academic" playbook that MCCAIN has been dipping into.

We all know Hillary Rodham Clinton is anything BUT a proletarian!

El MarvelOso said...

I already hate her, so DON'T keep quite!

It's sad to see someone become so desperate. She is willing to lie and use low-shot republican tactics to win. what's that about?!

She has lost already. Time for her to go.

I posted a Curt Smith endorsement for Obama. I totally agree with him.