April 1, 2008

XOvision: Spring awakening

Captain: Keep An Open Mind:

The return of UK's Captain with the first single from their sophomore album. I flipped for their 2006 Trevor Horn-produced debut, This Is Hazelville, but I've been wary about the new "rockier" CD. This track retains their poppy sense of melody and smart arrangements, though the video redefines herky-jerky.

Adele: Cold Shoulder:

XL wisely releases the jaunty Mark Ronson-produced Cold Shoulder, but gives it a sort of static video. I think it would benefit from some action, rather than just quick edits. Adele's lipsyncing reminds me a bit of a drag queen though: she's tryin' too hard with those big painted lips!

The Teenagers Love No:

Over the top Little Darlings-esque teen slutfest. Check out the guy at :45 with the lollipop! Concept? French kids with oral fixations run amok in a roller rink? It's very Larry Clark/Terry Richardson (NSFW), if you get those references, but it was directed by a woman named Caroline London.


D'luv said...

Enough with the videos... did you f*ck any of the movers over the weekend?

Myfizzypop said...

oh mr dluv you can be so crass. i absolutely love it. It's like you are the reincarnation of my potty mouth uncle who used to shout out inappropriate things at weddings like "our paul bummed the priest" even though it was only the choirmaster. Anyway, i am pleased with the new Captain single. I do quite like it a lot.

babs said...

Larry Clark I get as he did Kids which I decided I never needed to be quite traumatized by. And a recent one reviewed by Roeper. Richardson I don't know, or if I do, am not making the connection just right now.

Adem With An E said...

What were your thoughts on The Teenagers' album 'Reality Check'? I love it, particularly the 'Starlett Johansson' and the hilariously crass 'Homecoming.'

Also, the lyrics about Ben Affleck and Shannen Doherty in 'Wheel of Fortune' absolutely kill me.

xolondon said...

I never gave the Teenagers a proper chance, Adem. They did have one song I liked, but I forget the title. Maybe it was Homecoming? I know it was a PopJustice Song Of The Day at some point.