April 29, 2008

Watching the painting come to life

Last year I wrote a bit about A Fine Frenzy, a group that is primarily the beautiful Alison Sudol. She had three tunes on my big list of favorite songs: Rangers, Come On Come Out and the Keane-esque Lifesize. Sudol has been touring for the better part of a year, slowly building a fan base the old fashioned way. If you've been paying attention, there seems to be a new wave of female singer/songwriters who have no problem smiling and being... nice. It's novel isn't it?

Strangely, her label did not quite know how to market Sudol or her album, One Cell in the Sea. So confused were the tastemakers, they actually jettisoned the elegant album cover for a blandly commercial one. Regardless, the music has remained the same and that matters most. A sonic reference point might be 10,000 Maniac's melancholy (yet lush) album, Our Time In Eden. Check out Frenzy's new single, with a video due May 8:

A Fine Frenzy Come On Come Out Windows Media stream

It was actually the song Rangers that first captivated me - I am not sure how it didn't make my Essential Mix for 2007 because it has a monolithic singalong chorus: "The rangers stream out of their cabins / They are the hunters and we are the rabbits..."

A Fine Frenzy Rangers:

I urge to you to pay attention to A Fine Frenzy now if they eluded you last year.


KulPop said...

Alison is amazing, I've seen here live in concert twice now and she "has the goods" as they say. I spoke with her after the first gig and she was very nice.

My only complaint is that she doesn't perform Lifesize in concert (at least not the times I've seen her).



Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for constantly intruducing new artists with real talent for people abroad like me.

xolondon said...

Thanks so much! I am happy you are reading all the way across the world. I took a look at your blog and there are some amazing photos.

Kulpop, Lifesize should be a UK single with a killer video.

Michael said...

I think she just needs an Apple commercial to get big.