April 12, 2008

Mixtape vol. whatever

I missed Idol Gives Back but I have been watching it on youtube and above is a great piece with Annie Lennox in Africa. You'll cry if you watch it, though the actual news delivered to the children in the piece is good. I love that Annie allowed the camera to film her true reaction at the end. So when the kids of a certain pop forum bash her for being irrelevant and tedious, let's just nicely say they have no clue what they are talking about. The world needs more people doing this work. This year she sang - perfectly - a song I've always loved, Jimmy Cliff's Many Rivers To Cross, and it's on iTunes US now.

And bravo to Annie for not fucking up her face with plastic surgery. Yes, that is a dig at you know who.

It killed me that Carrie Underwood did Praying For Time, part of which is about poor people, in a major evening gown. Right. She did a good job though - she never screws it up.

I was about to start musing bad thoughts about Courtney Love, but it looks like she is wrapping up her album with Celebrity Skin producer Michael Beinhorn.

Billboard has more on the new Coldplay CD, which has an absurdly pretentious title: Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends. It does have a song with the pleasing title: Cemeteries of London.

Much like Hard FI, The Kooks have released a very meh album in which they just do more of the same, but not as good. No pushing the arrangements and the melodies don't come close to sublime hits like Naive or She Moves In Her Own Way. In this day and age, a band cannot afford a boring second album.

Shirley Manson is singing on Eric Avery's album. Who is he? Hear the song.

To answer some comments about Antigone, I asked about a free MP3 and Antigone said she's very much aware that web buzz in 2008 requires that. She's just not quite ready to do it. Stay tuned. I am sure several blogs will cover her and have a full song at some point.

Stevie Nicks is in the new Q Magazine (with Madonna). She says that she has been writing her new album "continually" for the last few years. When asked about a Fleetwood Mac re-group next year, she is quite blunt, saying that Lindsey Buckingham made her unhappy on the last tour. He is talented, but so often a total dick.

I don't get Leon Jean-Marie. Bed Of Nails (video) is utterly lifeless. Plonk plonk plonk Beatles piano does not a hit make. I was amused by his use of Paul's "oh my days!" before the chorus.

I thought Born Again 80's had died, but alas it is back with remixes by Haircut 100, Altered Images, Romeovoid, etc.

Speaking of which, ABC is about to release an album with zero promotion. 1983 promotion won't work, Martin. Smash Hits folded. Meanwhile the album cover is one of the worst in recent history. The MP3 of their new single The Very First Time is now at 7 Digital - anyone can buy it, regardless of country.

Adem was kissed by Roisin Murphy. If that is not a lifetime achievement, then what is?

Crowded House has already recorded a new CD. My upcoming concerts - my first in ages - include them, Sara Bareilles and, in July, George Michael.

I actually love a new Mariah Carey song, I'll Be Loving U Long Time. Paulie de Fizz posted a big bloggy thing about Ms. Scarey this week.

It's 6:40 am and I am going back to bed ...but really, time just stops until the new Donna Summer song hits.


Paul said...

Oh how i love a good mixtape from you. Right lets see, what piques my interest...

Idol gives back just went on forever didn't it? Still Annie Lennox was very fine and actually got me back into her album again. I love Ghosts in my machine.

I wanted to write a review of the kooks konk, but it was so tedious and dull i couldn't think of anything - good or bad - to say.

I'm not sure why but i do like your paragraph about Antigone :)

That Leon Jean Marie (how many first names does a person need. Very wonkypop!) better watch out. Oh my days is mine. You can't just steal it (like i did with that phrase AND boo you whore)...

Can you believe i STILL haven't heard the Donna single?! Whats up with that? Oh wait, no i have, i heard it once! I need more more more!

Morrie said...

The new Donna single is here:
It's in the 00's section

Dan said...

The new Donna single is great! Of course, I love any song that spells...S-T-AMP!

I would be interested to see that Stevie Nicks article. Although the fact that she has been writing her new album "continually" over the last few years is disturbing because that could spell "overbaked" but TISL was so brilliant I'll cut her some slack. As far as your comment about LB, absolutely correct.

Heidi has listened to approximately 30 secs of "I'll Be Lovin' You Long Time" and doesn't like it, but that does not stop her from taking great delight in the completely non-PC Vietnamese hooker association.

xolondon said...

Thanks to Morrie!

Dan, we'll convert Heidi 2 loving Mariah 4 a long time. Just u wait. She'll soon B a lamb.

Joseph said...

Eric Avery played bass in a little band called Jane's Addiction. His new single is quite good.

Joseph said...

Ugh, I hit publish instead of preview. So to add to my Eric Avery comment above...

I like this Donna Summer single. It's pretty cute.

xolondon said...

Did Eric Avery used to have lots of hair and now...not?!