April 24, 2008

Mixtape: I will have the things that I desire

I like that photo of Daniel Merriweather and Amy Winehouse above (it's old) because it reminds us that Amy is at heart a really talented artist. I bet most people don't know she does solo club shows solo with just her guitar and a mic. She has totally lost her way and I hope she can save herself. And get away from "My Blake Incarcerated."

Speaking of which, Sam Sparro is doing the Daniel Merriweather part on Mark Ronson's Stop Me at Coachella this year. The prestige. Sammy's next single, 21st Century Life, has a stellar [edit: my new word!] chorus. You can stream a sample in the post below this one. Hot Mess proves that he is the love child of Donna Summer and Prince.

I was walking home tonight and saw some houses that looked familiar - turns out they were the homes in the photo I posted on a recent mixtape (which I had found on the web). I love this neighborhood, though my life has become too much of a rollercoaster since moving. I yearn for, as Bitchin' Gwen once said, a simple kind of life.

Shocking news: Imogen Heap is rumored to be dating Jeff Goldblum! WTF?! Will she be
naked on a beach soon? (NSFW!) Meanwhile Immi does her new vblog from inside her fireplace. One of her new songs is called Bad Body Double.

Blogger John Hughes (hiya Johnny!) has been on a roll on Popdose. He just did a piece on Malcolm McLaren's Deep In Vogue and last week it was Babs Streisand's Emotion. Both are epic in verrry different ways.

Robbie Williams has grown a grey-flecked beard and become obsessed with aliens. I am serious.

ElMarv has followed up my Donna Summer List with some comments about MacArthur Park. I just want him to know that I knew the "There will be another songs for me..." That section is where the title of this mixtape comes from. Sometimes I wish I had been like 20 in 1976. One of my very close friends is 52, so I'll just ask him about it.

KylieX2008 Tour Rehearsals: Clips 1 and 2 and 3

I will review Madonna soon, in some form, but I'll say that I probably prefer the Timbaland tracks to Pharrell's, which is against the grain I suppose. For me, this is not a stellar Madonna record, but it has a handful of strong tracks, my favorites being Miles Away, Give It To Me, Dance Tonight, Devil and the single.

My favorite pet on the net, Carrie Fisher, doggy of PopMuse starred on his blog this week. I fucking love her!

Caitlin Moran argues in The Times that Madonna had a larger impact on Western culture than The Beatles: "The Beatles, for instance, didn’t do it on their own. The Beatles didn’t do it in heels. The Beatles didn’t have to overcome 2,000 years of the patriarchy before they left the house every morning."

Some good blogs I recently discovered: Ear Candy Remix and Shock-a-lock-a boom

The recent issue of Instinct had three reviews from me: Marie Digby (hated it), Clinic (was dumbfounded and a bit bored by it) and Missy Higgins (some very solid stuff on that one). Forthcoming in the June issue are mini reviews of Martha Wainwright, Ladytron and Supergrass.


D'luv said...

That's Daniel Merriweather?? Leapin' Rick Astley! I thought it was some brutha from down unda!

Meanwhile, he's kind nailable.

Brad said...

You and I share in our favorite Hard Candy tracks, unsurprisingly. I wonder your thoughts on Miles Away's production?

PopMuse.com said...

i just told carrie fisher (the dog) about her shout out on xo, she looked up, sighed and sat down. celebrity is old hat to her, she enjoys the immediate excitement of having fans and then remembers where that path can lead. my dog is so over it, she's under it. and by under it, i mean the bed. but i thank you, because i will forever be her Debbie Reynolds, proud yet desperate to steal her spotlight.

xolondon said...

Daniel Merriweather far surpasses Astley on every count!

Brad, I really love the production on Miles Away, esp the vocals and the final minute, which is very sleek and elegant.

PopMuse, great comment. I hope Carrie always loves you despite your problem with E.D. (Essential Divaness).

Paul said...

Fucking hell. I thought that was ROBIN williams when i first saw it. Years of pop star wank fantasy out the window with one pic. Thanks a lot :P

El MarvelOso said...

Yes, imagine being in the clubs when all the amazing disco music was being played.

As for the new Madonna... I REALLY don't like it. It's like dry toast.