April 22, 2008

Ladies who like ladies like Róisín

First, bookmark The Hopeless Optimist's Róisín Murphy Blog.

I send this photo out to all my favorite chicks who like chicks! And hot trannies who like chicks. She is hot, isn't she? It's so effortless.

Meanwhile, you may alreayd know that Róisín sent a message to her fans regarding the chart failure of her latest single, You Know Me Better:

Look I’ve never been easy to categorise and category makes this industry go round. But I am seeping in bit by bit, I have some exciting things goin on in the background that I can’t share right now but believe me I aint out of the game yet. Keep up your support, as it means so much and try to be positive. I never had friends in high places, but I have you, and you have me. Until the end.
Could I gush a little more? Could I love her a little more? I say no and then she surprises me all over again. I am not the only one:

Different Is Dangerous has a Róisín and Moloko Megamix

recently dissected Róisín artwork

EQ talks to Róisín (if you can actually load the page)

Did you get any of Róisín's iTunes UK Live tracks? They are deluxe. Le Jukeblog de Benzen has Let Me Know

Great photo by Almaryse


Michael said...

The charts would be so much better if Róisín owned them. Overpowered is full of great tracks.

Adem With An E said...

My favourite bit in the EQ interview is:

"One of the standout tracks on your album is your next single "Movie Star". If you were going to make a movie like you suggest in the song, who would you want to see on your casting couch.
Divine plus David Beckam!"

I've often felt that "Cry Baby" was Roisin's unofficial tribute to Divine and her brilliant track "Native Love."

xolondon said...

I made eye contact with John Waters as he wandered through the Baltimore train station (alone) a few years back. Just sayin'!

I also saw Drea De Matteo there one day (if you know her). It is a very small station!

Michael, Roisin is sort like a blogger queen, so WE are that alternate universe.