April 6, 2008

Elle Ciccone: US versus UK: US wins!

Ummm-hmmm, I am a one-stop Madonna Candy shop:

See Worrapalova for the UK version which is sort of boring. The US one is sort of - wot? - Mary Poppins/Eliza Doolittle? See Absolutement Madonna for a full set of photos and you can watch her shooting the cover here.

Meanwhile, the video for 4 Minutes is quite good even if it doesn't have enough dancing. I don't like the rotting bodies, but I do like her look and the sly nod to the Janet Superbowl controversy when Justin takes off her corset. And yes, she looks totally FIERCE.

The Junkie XL remix of 4 Minutes is fantastic and very Stuart Pricey. Digital Eargasm has that version and Le Jukeblog de Benzen has a shorter variation on it. If you feel it, it must be real.

Other freebies: Absolutement Madonna has an unreleased longer version of Music. Arjanwrites has one of the first reviews of Hard Candy that does not seem like a glowing press release. Sounds like it is a mix of good and bad.

On a final note, Stuart Price must be too busy to remix her new single because he is producing the new albums by Keane and The Killers!


Daft Monk said...

Hard to believe that Arjan would post something that simply doesn't gush... Oh, now I see. He didn't write it.

Adem With An E said...

That US cover is *almost* unsettling. I love it!

I quite like the Junkie XL remix (I listened to nothing but it for a 2 hour drive home from a wedding last weekend) but do think it needed a bit more of the actual vocals intertwined. There's a fan-made one which adds more of the actual songs vocals to the Junkie XL remix which isn't too bad.

D'luv said...

It's great they slap this scrawny old prostitute onto magazines still... senior citezens needed a role model in the fashion realm. They're not dead, you know!

Chris Krakora said...

I do agree that the Junkie XL could have used more of the vocals. If it had done that, it would have wound up being the remix of the year for me.

And there are indeed some very good fan-made mixes of 4 Minutes. Too bad that her label have gotten hyper-sensitive about those and they have been sending out letters threatening legal action to anyone if they post them up on their website or MySpace page. Even one dance music/DJ forum board has recently wound up removing most of the Madonna threads from there just because some people were talking about those unofficial remixes.

designscene said...

its kind of an insult to the fashionistas of the world to wear a chanel dress , with a cowboy hat... boo madonna!

at least her croach is not all over the cover