March 28, 2008

You only see what your eyes want to see

M's propping up the planet, or holding it back, depending on how you see it! Or her cheekbones are doing that work. And somebody needs to get her more than one pair of boots. At least she doesn't have a black eye or boxing gloves...

Picture by Steven Meisel, who Madonna has not work with since 1996. Pretty fierce.

UPDATE: Be sure to check out Wongie's site for a post with some Madonna "freebies" including her recent interview with Z100 - she was actually in a good mood for a change! One tidbit: Madonna reveals that she works out to Britney's last CD (eww) and is listening to Goldfrapp's new album, Jamelia and Kate Nash.


El MarvelOso said...

Looks like a poster for an X-Men movie. The White Queen?

D'luv said...

When she wears such skimpy outfits, it always makes me wonder where she keeps her cock??