March 22, 2008

XOvision: BritPop Brunch

Some new Britpop videos worth a look...

The Last Shadow Puppets The Age Of The Understatement:

The Last Shadow Puppets is Arctic Monkeys singer Alex Turner's string-laden side project. The first single is, to quote Mrs. Beckham, MAJOR. How much moolah do you think was dropped on the above video? You can watch it on wide screen too. It was directed by Romain Gavras. The single is out on April 17 (on 7" and digital, no CD) and the potentially grandiose debut album is out on April 21 in the UK and May 6 in the US.

Delays Hooray:

I've warmed to this single since I first heard it. There must some alternative UK where they are as big as Keane, because they deserve that kind of success. Delays embrace the pop in Britpop wholeheartedly and I - no surprises - love them for it. Thanks as always to Torr, who just did a post about this on his blog.

Neon Neon I Lust U:

The jury is still out on this band: I like Neon Neon's retro 80's sound, but I feel like the tunes are kind of disposable. The singer is Gruff from Super Furry Animals, but on this one he's wisely joined by Welsh singer Cate Le Bon (does she smirkingly say "Le Bon, Cate Le Bon"?). I do find the "I lust u if the price is right" line fitting with recent American political downfalls I've been obsessed with.

Don't forget, you can find the audio for some of these tunes on Hype Machine.


Paul said...

The Age of Understatement is utterly fantastic. I adore it in so many different ways. Have you heard the new Kooks album? It's rather delicious also!

countpopula said...

Wow, the Alex Turner project looks and more especially SOUNDS amazing! His band is so great, and this seems like an extension of that idea. Love the Delays too...I am of similar thinking as to why these guys are not bigger yet. One classy pop song after another..."Valentine" was a real favorite a couple years back.

I like the Neon Neon record. It IS disposable, granted, but pretty catchy in a vapid 80's sort of way. I also love the fact it is a concept album about John Delorean! CRAZY!

Good choices XO! Keep em coming!

Adem With An E said...

The Alex/Miles combo seems to work really well; that song is bonza good, and I can't wait to actually hold that little 7" single in my hands.

I haven't listened to the Neon Neon record more than the once, but what I did hear I thoroughly enjoyed so I'll probably give that another spin sometime this week.

DanProject76 said...

I forgot about Delays! I bought their last album, will have to check the new one out. Last Shadow Puppets is due in the post when it's released, hurrah!

What about Guillemots? Too weird for you?