March 3, 2008

When it comes to you, I can't wait: Pt. 2

It's becoming increasingly clear that Róisín Murphy is a stellar live act, a true musician. She keeps popping up in stange places with pristine performances and new arrangements. In this case it's Lyndhurst Hall / Air Studios in London. Be sure to read The Hopeless Optimist's great review of the show (part of iTunes Live) on March 1.

Watch above as she does a flawless version of You Know Me Better. I'd carried on in my album review about the bridge on this song - the middle eight, children - and this particular performance has a hushed breakdown at the 3:00.

Also watch a new acoustic guitar-based version of my Favorite Song of 2008, Let Me Know, here. Holy shit!

Róisín looks particularly gorgeous in these clips (check her out in Primitive), the audio of which will soon be on iTunes UK. I know some peach will send them to me, since I cannot buy them in the States...

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D'luv said...

Good ol' Roisin. So did "You Know Me Better" already come and go? I hope she can afford the batteries for her Rabbit at least, at least.

D'luv said...

Oops... don't mind the repeating at the end of that one. I gotta remember: less vodka, more Dekuypers.

Adem With An E said...

I can't wait; April 5th, I've got a date with Roisin in Melbourne.

Hopeless Optimist said...

Thanks for the compliment & the link. Great blog!